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12 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage From ‘The Evil Within’

Bethesda has released an extended playthrough of Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami’s next horror game, The Evil Within, and boy, does this game look intense. Some of it is footage we’ve seen before, usually broken up, like in the recent gameplay trailer, but this is seamless. We finally get to see how this game plays, without fancy editing and marketing text.

Turn off the lights, crank up the volume and enjoy.

From watching the demo, I can see Mikami’s hands everywhere. From the atmosphere to the combat, including the way you set enemies aflame to finish them, as well asx the intensity of the chainsaw chases and the dreadful lulls in the action. It might be a trick of the editing, but it looks like Sebastian is stuck in a serial killer’s nightmare, going from one horrifying scenario to the next.

One thing’s for sure; I definitely can’t wait to see more — how about you?

The Evil Within comes to the PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in 2014.

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  • SonOfVoorhees

    It started out good, then i just rolled my eyes when he picked up the chainsaw. The rest of the gameplay had clunky boring shooting and boring enemies. I liked the mines under the window stuff, hopefully their is more of that. The last enemy just made me laugh. Hopefully the story will be awesome, other than that it just looks like bits from other Resi and Silent Hill games stuck together.

    But even then, playing it will be different to just viewing gameplay video. So I will buy it based on the story, I want to know why the city was destroyed. 🙂


    I think this looks great! I don’t care if there are certain things that look a bit like other games. I haven’t played a truly scary game on a console in years. Some games have had their moments (Deadly Premonition, Metro: Last Light, The Last Of Us) but none of them have driven me to frantically moving more than just my thumbs to get away from something like it’s really me in danger of being hurt! It looks spectacular, in detail and story, and I can’t wait for it. And that 8-armed witch? I can tell she will be the root of many of my missed achievements. 😀

  • MaryMaria

    Colour me interested. This looks like it’ll be a lot of fun to play with a group of friends. I almost wish I hadn’t watched it, though; that witch reveal at the end was terrifying! I hope we never see her face.

  • EvilHead1981

    They did say you can play this game 3 ways, like RE4(fighting back with weapons and guns), by relying on traps to take out your enemies strategically, or by pure “run away and hide” mode. So basically, YOU make the call in how to experience this game.

  • doomas10

    I felt like it was the texas chainsaw massacre combined with hostel at the first half of the playthrough. Seems more gory oriented rather than atmospheric. I am still expecting more with this ^_^

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