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5 Cool New Halloween Candies!!! We Want YOU To Help Make The Ultimate List!

As a grown man, one of the last vestiges of my childhood that I latch onto with an enduring intensity is my love of candy. It will probably always be my achilles heel. I’m not into chocolate so much, I like the sour stuff. Having never had a cavity, I’m fairly confident my candy habit alone keeps toothpaste and Listerine stocks steady.

So one of of my favorite parts of Halloween is the new and inventive candies we see out at the specialty shops. To celebrate the first day of October I went out and took a look at what they had in stock. While I’m hoping my local joint increases the variety (and cool factor) of their candy selection throughout the month – I was able to find some worthy candidates.

However, we can’t stop here. We want YOU to go to your local candy store and send us pics of the cool sh*t you find! That way, together, we can create the Best Halloween Candy List ever and have it up before Halloween! The deadline is October 20th. Find the best Halloween candies you can and send the pics to! You will be credited!

In the meantime, head below to check out what I got for starters.

Ground Gremlin
While this obviously isn’t a trademarked Gremlins candy – that guy in the upper corner doesn’t exactly scream “legit” – I do love the sour string candy. I kinda like how this is packaged too, two pounds of blood raw candy. Also, technically I think they’re off the legal hook going by with the WWII legacy of the Gremlin creature.

Zombie Brain
Just a mold, so you can make that Jello white and blood red if you want (which I suggest you do). Also, this thing is huge!

Gummy Skull
This guy is a lot bigger than he looks. For 10 bucks, he better be!

Black Roses
My personal favorite of the bunch. Though I kind of feel like you have to get 12 in order for the effect to come across properly.

Ghoulvanni Pizza
Looks fairly disgusting, but in an “aimed at kids” type of way. Where’s all the really gory stuff? Write in with some!



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