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Will The New ‘Friday The 13th’ Be Found Footage? It’s Not Certain… Yet

Back in June we reported that Platinum Dunes, the production company behind the 2009 remake, is partnering with Paramount for a followup to their version Friday The 13th.

While Sean S. Cunningham reported last month that the follow-up would not be a direct sequel to the remake (an installment I personally really like), there’s a lot of talk today on the web about the potential for this installment to be found footage. We’ve been hearing rumblings about this here at BD for a while, from multiple sources at different times. And while it’s true that the idea is being considered… nothing is written in stone. It’s all talk right now. And since it’s all talk… perhaps the conversation will change?

Hey, I understand the impulse – it’s a good way to make a movie that will have a great return on investment. Low budget, brand name, do the math. Personally, as a fan, I don’t feel this is the right way to go. Friday The 13th 2009 still made money with a $91 Million worldwide gross and subsequent Blu-ray/DVD sales on a (reported) $19 Million budget (though I hear it could have been closer to 30).

Personally, I feel like traditional photography is the only way to go on these things. Half the reason I go to an F13 is for that nostalgic kick of seeing teens killed in an idyllic, peaceful setting. That all goes away with POV. My two cents would be to suggest making the thing at a safe budget of $10-$15 million and really knocking it out of the park by giving the fans what they want. And I’m not sure the fans want this.

As fans of Friday The 13th what do YOU want?

While this news isn’t anything that wasn’t already well known around town, the below is the tweet that made it public.



  • Joey_Redballs

    I would be okay with a found footage opening if it is set in modern times. The footage could be a spring board for the plot, an investigation of The Crystal Lake murders. A censored version of the found footage would also make for great viral marketing, and a tease for the feature, to get asses in seats.

  • GhostsOfRoute23

    Am I 100% against the idea of a found footage Friday? Not really. As long as it has brutal kills, Jason in his full glory, and decent enough suspense I could live with it. But that’s not what I WANT. Why can’t they just keep things simple? Especially considering this will be the 13th movie in the series you would think they would want to make this movie in particular be a tribute of sorts and not in the lazy way the reboot was supposedly a tribute. What should they do for the next Friday? A large batch of counselors re-opening Camp Crystal Lake, the original score, a high body count, unique and fun kills, dark and harsh Final Chapter-esque tone, tolerable characters, and of course Jason Freaking Voorhees doing his thing. What is so hard about this Paramount/Platinum Dunes?

  • mav07

    the POV thing worked great for Halloween: Resurrection………………………..oh wait

    • GhostsOfRoute23

      And Resurrection wasn’t even fully found footage lol So imagine how horrid this would be if it was 100% found footage. No thanks.

    • David

      my mind went straight to Resurrection when i read the article’s title. glad i’m not the only one. found footage will be a bad idea because in EVERY ff film, the villain is hardly ever shown or we get quick glimpses till the end. i am craving jason even more after watching clm and just want the same old formula. minus rappers/pop stars turned actor. all set with that.

  • EvilHead1981

    Love the idea of it straying away from the remake, but hate that PD are involved. Found footage is just a horrible trend that needs fuck off. Haven’t mainstreamers had enough of that shit? Don’t get me wrong, like ever trend, it’s good in small doses. I have ranted a lot about the overuse of colored tints, sepia toned movies and blue movies, but I have to say, when that stuff is done artistically and sparingly, it’s good. The problem is, trends overkill these things, and everybody and their moms wanna do it, and do it, over and over, until it’s beating a dead horse. I’m pretty fuckin convinced, trends KILL all the good things in life, as well as humanity’s lack of control and moderation.

    That being said, just make a good fuckin Ft13 movie. Don’t make it yet another “list of slasher cliches” so everybody who THINKS they know what horror and slasher movies are about are gathered round waiting for each cliche to be checked off from that list in a systematic order. Hell, I’d respect PD if they did that(but PD is kinda the “let’s appeal to the least common denominator fans”, generally the motto of their fearless leader, Michael Bay, so doubt they will EVER be anything more than that).

  • djblack1313

    NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

    please don’t do a found footage/shaky cam film. i’ll be wrecked.

  • 100percenter

    Im so sick of tired found footage movies. Do not ruin my fave horror franchise and villain with this drab style. With the exception of VHS and Frankenstein’s Army (and Im being generous because I really liked both concepts), it hasnt worked since Blair Witch.

  • Kelton138

    I think it’s a bad idea. I know a lot of people didn’t enjoy it but I really liked the last one. The whole winter/Jason in the snow concept intrigued me but as others have said, just make a great classic F13 film. I’d also like to see Derek Mears come back as Jason. He had a great physical presence.

  • devilmaycry26

    no just no bad idea. i want them to make a friday the 13th film. showing how his mom brought him back to life after the fact he supposedly drowned as a kid. they had a good opportunity after the movie Jason goes to hell. when they found the evil dead book in Jason families house. they could have done a flash back scene. showing Jason’s mom doing a spell or ritual to bring him back to life. it would have explained why he can’t die and his size and explains the reason why she was going around killing the campers that wasn’t watching Jason when he was swimming and him drowning. she could have needed their blood for the ritual.

    • VampireJack

      Jason didn’t drown as a child.
      He managed to get out of the lake and survived in the wilderness – this was all covered in Friday the 13th pt 2.

      • Jon

        That is open to interpretation.
        It doesn’t actually say that in the film.
        Although that is the general belief as Miner said he approached the film that way,none of the characters say that he didn’t drown.
        Ginny presents the idea when shes trying to make sense of it.
        The part 2 novel although written later says that he drowned and doesn’t explain why he comes back.
        That novel was based on the screenplay by Ron Kurz.
        All the other films seem to go with he drowned as well.
        Whatever floats your boat.
        Some like the idea of Mrs Voorhees being involved in a cult.

  • jamesisdead


  • NateMcCheezy

    I would totally watch a found footage F13! I’m tired of all these people who whine when people want to try new things out with their beloved, old-school slashers. Just make the film fun, and we’ll pack our asses in the seats. If it doesn’t work, we’ll just wait for the next reboot.

    • djblack1313

      McCheezy, aren’t you whining that people are whining? kettle meet pot.

  • Rick-Taylor

    I dunno, it could turn out pretty good but I can’t see a whole film of found footage working. Perhaps a section of the movie could be devoted to a team working on a documentary or something of the like. Either way, I’m not such a die-hard fan of the series, so I’ll go see it and enjoy it for what it is. By the way, I loved the remake and Jason X, so I understand if my opinion is now invalid.

  • Beanis

    NO! Found footage is played out and this idea is worse than having Roy be the killer in part 5. The formula doesn’t need to be tweaked to that extent. Set the film at Crystal Lake in the winter like fans have been suggesting for years. It could be at a ski camp or snowboarding(to make it hip for the kids) That would be different and fresh enough to get me into theaters. Think of all the potentially killer scenes that could come out of that scenario. The remake did very little in covering new ground or matching the previous entries, yet people seem to like it. It bored me with unlikable cliched characters and uncreative kills. Great tit shots does not a great Friday the 13th film make.

  • djblack1313

    oh, btw, the new 4 hour video documentary CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES if fantastic!!! i watched chapters (each movie is a chapter) 1-3 the other night and it took up 2 hours! it’s very very thorough and they talk to so many of the actors/actresses i never thought we’d hear from again.

    this docu is a MUST HAVE for any F13 fan!

  • HalloweenVic

    Hell NOOOO!!! Whoever even considered turning a Friday the 13th film Jason Voorhees one of the godfathers of Horror into a damm found footage film should be fired! That would just take away the whole vibe from what makes these films iconic!! I want a new film but not no dammm found footage if u think about it it’s actually really funny thinking they were considering this! What a JOKE!

  • ThunderDragoon

    Seems like taking a franchise in a new direction is a theme this week. Making it found footage is a terrible idea. You can’t take an iconic franchise like this and minimalize it this way. Stick to what works, people! It’s when you fuck over the fans that problems start happening. Don’t understand why changing the formula is a “thing” nowadays. Just film it normally and set it in the snow like they’ve been teasing us with all these years. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

  • firedog93551

    Please no more found footage movies. I am seriously sick and tired of watching a movie that looks like it was filmed in the throes of a grand mal seizure.

  • tlyon2

    They are not doing a found footage movie,this idea was scrap a long time ago! I’ve been hearing that perhaps Elias Voorhees will have something to do with the next Friday the 13th sequel. Or Jason vs Jarvis,not sure if that one is still in the cards or not? “Since they don’t seem to be going with the survivors route with any of them from past Friday the 13th movies anymore. “The only other one if they hire Victor Miller again is a prequel!

  • SonOfVoorhees

    If your able to film Jason, doesnt that mean your already dead? After all most of his victims last about 3 seconds. lol.Now the whole movie being found footage would suck, but finding an old camera and viewing it for a minute would be ok.

    I want a Jarvis and psychic girl vs Zombie Jason. FIGHT TO THE DEATH!!!

  • Francesco

    guys…we have to stop this shitty idea. come on!!! they really don’t care what people or fans want. a jason found footage??? come on NO WAY!!! the 13th chapter must be AMAZING!!! so please guys, tweet to Fuller and say #nofoundfootage

  • divisionbell

    This is just an atrocious concept. Let’s hope PD regains their sanity and realize F13 should NEVER be found footage…

  • brvoorhees

    Oh, hell no. DON’T DO THAT TO ME!

  • brvoorhees

    Just make a Friday the 13th set in the snow, with a hot final girl and tolerable characters. It’s simple like that, damn.

    • DragonSlayer111

      Haha I agree the more simple the better. Everybody thinking too much into this.

      • brvoorhees

        Ditto. They just need to add a few little new stuff into it(like the snow thing) and a good pacing. That’s it, really.

  • HalloweenVic

    Snow setting, hot guys and chicks, bad ass kills, Jason and his machete plain and simple get to it Paramount!!!

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    A found footage opening kill scene could be cool. It’d be a new reason for kids going to Crystal Lake instead of just camping, partying or being counselors. Like a small group of horror fans who want to shoot a found footage horror film at a location where horrific things really happened, so they go to Crystal Lake and of course fall victim to Jason. He slaughters them, and then we switch back to traditional filming style and move on to the camp being reopened or something. But a complete found footage Friday? No thank you.

    • daruckus

      I was thinking the same thing and posted after you. Right on man, totally with you.

  • Krug09

    Idk. It might work or might not. I dont think Halloween Resurrection was as bad of a film as others think. I thought it was better then H20, H6 and later the halloween remake. It wasnt a perfect film or really suspenseful but that said Friday being a found footage film should come after the snow sequel lol. As i was saying, make the film like Halloween Resurrection were its used sometimes. I cant picture jason or michael being seen on security cameras the whole movie killing… they would seriously need to be very careful how they approach it. How would this film be strung to together with friends and their cameras? Its going to be hard to sneak up that way like the old movies but who knows it may work.

  • malster1

    Make a sequel where you have Jason ‘hunters’. I know they did it with Hatchet 2 but let’s face it Crowley isn’t a patch on Jason.

  • daruckus


    A found footage INTRO that parodies found footage films. And then, of course, whoever found the footage gets taken out in terribly gruesome fashion.

  • TheTownThatLovedHorror101

    Found-footage is for Paranormal Activity, REC(minus REC#3) and V/H/S. Not Friday the 13th. Let’s face it. When the original Friday the 13th film was brought up, it was meant to be a complete rip-off of ’78 Halloween. It succeeded! Then along came a sequel that wasn’t originally intended. Friday the 13th was meant to be a stand alone film. But then someone brought up the idea of having Jason come back and kill for his mother. And that is when these films come and begin a life of their own. So now, in 2013, we are here with 12….TWELVE Friday the 13th films. And now, obviously there is talk about another…and it’s getting pretty damn close. One of the major reasons people would go back for Friday the 13th was because of the kills. (That might honestly be the only reason but I don’t know). There were never really any true storylines in the Friday the 13th films. We always knew Jason was going to come back, except for Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning, and we always knew some dumb teenagers were going to get killed. I know, I know…we did have the triple movie feature that centered around Tommy Jarvis(Halloween4&5&6 Jamie Lloyd), who was played by a different actor every movie, but that was about as close to a storyline as we got. Jason has been through hell…literally and then was blasted into space and then was reimagined in 2009. We have done everything to Jason. He did actually kill him in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, until the bitch brought him back in the sequel with her powers. So pretty much, Jason has been through almost everything. My thoughts are, don’t do found-footage. No one would want to watch Jason kill on camera like that. Plus it would make the main character look dumb it he or she was just standing there watching him kill someone. I think after this next movie they need to stop. Kill Jason the exact way they killed his mother. CHOP OF HIS FUCKING HEAD! We end the Friday the 13th films with the way they started! Plus that would make 13 films in the Friday the 13th franchise! I believe that would be perfect! Any thoughts?

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