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John Carpenter Is Interested In Making A Horror Game

Giant Bomb recently had the opportunity to briefly chat with legendary horror director John Carpenter, who is a vocal fan of video games — horror or otherwise — and has even dabbled in them with F.E.A.R. 3. He’s expressed interest in directing a Dead Space film, so he obviously enjoys his horror games.

Though, surprisingly, he doesn’t dissect them. You would think a guy who’s been crafting horror films for nearly four decades would enjoy deconstructing games like Silent Hill, which he enjoys, but instead, he says he just immerses himself in them. More after the jump.

When asked if he was interested in making his own horror game, Carpenter said he’d “I’d love to work on an original video game. Maybe the opportunity will present itself.” It wouldn’t be original, but I wouldn’t mind a decent Halloween game.

Just sayin’.

How about you — would you be interested in a horror game from John Carpenter?

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  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    i’d love to see carpenter do a horror game. i’d imagine it would have a killer soundtrack

    • Raziel_cz

      Man, that would be the best video game soundtrack ever!

  • Pav

    Absolutely YES!

  • Golic

    Carpenter’s best days are way behind him. So he had a couple of hits in his early days, what’s he done lately that’s worth paying any attention to?

    • dr.lamb

      He does not even hide that he doesn’t care anymore.

    • Skull-And-Crossbones

      i know what you’re trying to say but to be fair, he’s only done 1 movie in the last 12 years and he didn’t even write it so who knows what he could do with an original idea. IMO The Ward was well made it was just way too much of a rip off of other movies for it to be enjoyed. Vampires is my all time favorite movie. and i didn’t think Ghosts of Mars was as bad as people said. i didn’t love it but i didn’t hate it either

    • Josh

      While he hasn’t done much in general, good or bad in several years, he had pretty long line of damn good and highly influential work over the course of 2 decades, far more than just a “few hits.”

    • Raziel_cz

      Well, of course it’s an older stuff now, but Carpenter’s episode “Cigarette Burns” from the “Masters of Horror” TV series is possibly the best thing he ever directed. The man can still do amazing things if he wants.

      I would love to see a film adaptation of “In the Mouth of Madness”, but that’s probably not going to happen with Alan Wake around. It would still be great to see a writer as an antagonist in a game though.

      • Raziel_cz

        Actually, no adaptation is going to happen, since Carpenter wants to do an original game. I was writing faster than thinking.

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