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Now Playing: ‘Outlast’ Episode 12

We’re reaching the end of Outlast! Are you as excited as I am? What- you say you’re more excited? Well okay then, that’s great, but could you stop looking at me with those crazy eyes? SERIOUSLY, STOP.

In the previous episode I saved a cop from a laundry chute. He was dead already, but at least his soul wouldn’t be trapped in that cramped space for all eternity. Plus, I really needed that key. In this episode, I run from naked men — just another day in my life, really — and I almost lose my camera. I can’t imagine continuing through this game without my trusty sidekick, so I’m glad that wasn’t the case. Watch me miss all the jumps after the… break!

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  • sabrinag

    nice… i droped my coffe 3 times -.- 1 with that guy that apeared in ur face. And 2 times with the big music change where u started to run away … i think u reached the 3 floor like 3 times jaja. Waiting the 13 part!!!!

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