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Advance Review: ‘Liberator’ # 4

Matt Miner’s ‘Liberator’ concludes this month with a harrowing final act. After a stern lesson in the virtues of vigilante justice Damon and Jeanette agree to one final mission together. The narrative takes some incredibly interesting turns. The final confrontation will linger with you for some time, both due to the emotional beats Miner hits, and the incredible way Aranda brings it to life. A riveting conclusion to a powerful series.

WRITTEN BY: Matt Miner
ART BY: Javier Sanchez Aranda
PUBLISHER: Black Mask Studios
PRICE: $3.50
RELEASE: Oct 16, 2013

‘Liberator’ is a series that pushes a real world agenda with a larger than life premise. The frustration from animal cruelty pours through the page to create a passionate statement on standing up for your beliefs. We all want to be the empowered hero that saves the day. Damon is a fantastic outlet to live through.

His passion and his fighting strength stem from deep seeded beliefs about animal equality. He was perhaps misguided but his passion should be commended. In the final moments Miner makes sure to twist this character on its head making the real stand out hero Jeanette.

She is always more careful in her actions and thoughts. She is cool, calm, and collected. Damon is untethered and too emotional for his own good. It really hurts when Jeanette learns why Damon is this way. It hurts on almost every level. Even more so because Miner doesn’t even directly address it he lets the art do all the work.

This final chapter doesn’t let up. We’re given the last mission we deserve. We’re even treated to a fantastic moment of innocence as Damon tries to convince a little furry escapee to take off.

Miner even gives a fantastic moment of gore that will be engrained in your memory for quite some time.

The whole thing dovetails with beautiful visceral simplicity. It was all there on the surface, but passion made use blind. When our eyes are finally opened it all makes sense, but not a moment too soon.

Aranda’s art is nothing short of incredible. The relationship fostered by the team is clear. The art carries the story this month. Most of the issue operates at breakneck pace. Aranda is truly left to his own devices to articulate the final confrontation and he shines brighter than ever before.

The fall, oh god the fall. The rotten wood, and the result of a simple slip that escalates everything to the next level shows the danger in vigilante justice. Especially when Miner takes the time to discuss violence isn’t violence if no one gets hurt. Well, such isn’t the case this month.

The end of Liberator isn’t one dotted with finality, but a new hope. The final page will fill you with renewed vigor after the melancholy of the pages that preceded it. The silver lining here defies expectations because its not the one you originally thought you’d get. The result is a fantastic conclusion to a powerful and important series.

Rating: 4.5/5 Skulls

If you dig Liberator you can find Matt Miner at NYCC in the Artist’s Alley Table G3.



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