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Review: ‘Mind MGMT: Volume 2: The Futurist’

With great precision of its storytelling and artwork, “Mind MGMT: Volume 2: The Futurist” delivers a smart and lasting impression on the reader. As a sci-fi spy thriller, this is a fascinating peek into an underground world filled with secret organizations and shifting alliances. Mysterious and ambitious at the same time, readers should not miss out on the clever “Mind MGMT” series.

Written By: Matt Kindt
Art By: Matt Kindt
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Price: $19.99
Release: October 9th, 2013

Meru is compelled to write about Amnesia Flight 185 as the subject matter of her next crime novel. Compelled for no reason, Meru doesn’t understand why she is so obsessed about how everyone aboard Flight 185 lost their memory. But when she starts digging into the secret organization Mind Management, Meru suddenly becomes the target of killer psychics, highly trained assassins, and a unstoppable sniper who doesn’t miss. Appearing out of nowhere, Lyme is the only person who can protect her during these dangerous times. Meru knows she has met Lyme before but she doesn’t remember how. Can she trust the man who forced her to forget about him?

After an impressive 20 panel recap, Matt Kindt jumps right into the narrative at full speed. The plotline is different now as it’s Lyme who has to search for Meru; not the other way around. As the plot progresses, Kindt jumps around between the perspectives of Lyme, Meru, and members of the Immortals. Kindt is able to balance the storyline between answering questions and adding more secrets. Kindt is able to put enough information piece by piece for readers as if he’s putting together a complex puzzle.

As if their life were a ticking time-bomb, Kindt pits his protagonists in the center of danger situations. Just as the relationship between Lyme and Meru is developing, Kindt breaks the moody atmosphere with tons of action. The superb writing keeps readers guessing about Lyme’s true intentions as he keeps secrets from Meru. When the truth is finally revealed, Meru’s world will be turned upside-down again.

During the prologue, Kindt takes readers into the mind of Duncan, who is able to predict what people will say and do next. In a wide shot, Duncan is stuck in a crowded room, predicting everyone’s next move is. Because of his psychic abilities, Duncan is becoming bored with people and there is nothing left to surprise him. This makes for an interesting chase sequence as Lyme and Meru have to predict his every move without getting caught themselves.

In a suspenseful action sequence, Lyme and Meru have to run from the sniper who never misses his target. First, Kindt starts with a close-up of the bullet the sniper just fired. Then, the camera follows the bullet as it strikes a bird in mid-air. If that weren’t enough, that same bullet hits the window of Lyme’s Car. Finally, we see the bullet hitting the car from behind as Lyme makes his getaway.
Easy for newcomers to jump into the story, “Mind Mgmt: Volume 2: The Futurist” sets its hook on the reader right from the first page and reels them in. Fans should not miss out on the “Mind MGMT” series.

4.5/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Jorge Solis



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