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Now Playing: ‘Outlast’ Episode 15, FINALE!

All good journeys eventually come to an end and while we might not like it, our Outlast playthrough is no different. We had a good run, I managed to only die once — unless you count the missed jumps, which would bring that tally closer to a couple dozen — and we all had a few good laughs at my expense.

In the previous episode, priests were burned and things got a little weird. In the final episode, we get a few welcome answers and a delightfully open ending that leaves things open for a sequel. It just so happens that I recently came up with a list of things I’d like to see from a hypothetical sequel, should developer Red Barrels decide to go that route. You should check it out, after you watch this action-packed finale to one of the most epic “let’s plays” the world has ever seen.

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  • sabrinag

    WTF. Let me understand it was a crazy-sadic-bloody asylum where he must find some proofs, and it was a cientific laboratory that created some weird monsters between them Billy? that kill everyone…. Why the hell the bald man call “the police” and kill him?from who are those screams¡?? it looks like billy isnt dead yet. Outlast wasnt a good name jajaja it should be NEVEROUT..jaja

  • MaryMaria

    Aw, it’s over! Good job, guys! What an insane ending… Jaw dropped when the elevator opened into the tunnel. Definite ‘Cabin’ feeling. Looking forward to the next game!

    • Adam Dodd

      We’re going to decide on what we’ll be playing next tonight — stay tuned! 🙂

  • EmilyRayne

    I honestly hate these kind of endings, where there’s so many questions that (probably) won’t get answered.
    None the less, awesome game. Loved watching you guys play it!

  • Nicholas Blondsey

    I just finished the game myself. I had to check out your video to see if the ending was that shitty. But at an earlier point in my game I dropped my video camera and the lcd cracked on the side. I noticed that yours didn’t. Hmmmmm….was your playthrough on an earlier version?

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