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Now Playing: ‘Outlast’ Episode 15, FINALE!

All good journeys eventually come to an end and while we might not like it, our Outlast playthrough is no different. We had a good run, I managed to only die once — unless you count the missed jumps, which would bring that tally closer to a couple dozen — and we all had a few good laughs at my expense.

In the previous episode, priests were burned and things got a little weird. In the final episode, we get a few welcome answers and a delightfully open ending that leaves things open for a sequel. It just so happens that I recently came up with a list of things I’d like to see from a hypothetical sequel, should developer Red Barrels decide to go that route. You should check it out, after you watch this action-packed finale to one of the most epic “let’s plays” the world has ever seen.

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