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A Live-Action Trailer For The Survival Horror MMO ‘Nether’

In the post-apocalyptic, nightmare creature infested wasteland that is developer Phosphor Games’ upcoming survival horror MMO, Nether, an event called The Cull wiped out most of mankind. Those who remain have to scavenge to survive, and they also have to try and survive long enough to use their precious resources, lest another survivor come and scavenge their goods from their cold, dead corpse.

In this new live-action trailer, we get a taste of this dark world. It looks pretty neat.

On top of this brand spanking new trailer, Phosphor Games has started taking pre-orders. Those who decide to claim a copy will get access to it as early as October 31st, along with 72-hour guest game keys to share with friends and a few in-game perks. If all that sounds fun, you can get in on it here.

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