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[OMFG] Check Out These Awesome ‘Halloween III’ Figures!!!



10 more days ’til Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Silver Shamrock!

These awesome figurines honoring Halloween III: Season Of The Witch come from Retroband. The bummer is that they were manufactured in an extremely limited quantity (20 each). The upside is that they look awesome and are a delightfully sinister addition to anyone’s bookshelf (or wherever you keep this stuff). Having seen Halloween III, if I saw these trick ‘r treating I’d be leery of letting my (imaginary) kids eat anything from that house.

The line included both a Skeleton and Pumpkin figure that each came with a TV accessory along with the awesome warning that, “*Each piece [is] individually hand painted so no two are exactly alike.

Can Retroband be convinced to expand their line without devaluing the investment of the lucky 20 people who got them? Maybe make a few changes to set the new ones apart? Or are you going to be stuck on EBay this afternoon? At any rate, check out their site, they’ve got some cool Night Of The Creeps and Creepshow stuff on there as well. I should also note I found this on the twitter feed of BenDavid Grabinski, who has an uncanny ability to come across cool horror ephemera.