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[EPIC Contest] Win The Horror Game Of YOUR Choosing!

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Big thanks to everyone who participated!

This morning, our friends at launched an epic Halloween sale that brings discounts on a bevy of horror titles, including the Amnesia series, Penumbra, Alan Wake and Clive Barker’s Undying, among others. The sale will only be around up until Halloween, so if you want your horror games real cheap, you best act fast!

We’ve teamed up with GOG to host an equally as epic contest — a GOG Ghoulish Giveaway, if you will — where thirty of you will walk away with the game of your choosing. It doesn’t even have to be a horror game. Details after the jump.

If you want to win a game, getting in on this sweet, sweet giveaway is easy. All you need to do is comment.

You can tell me which game you’ll pick should you win, what your plans are for Halloween, how much you love me for being so generous — whatever you want. Keep it positive and appropriate (duh), and most of all, have fun!

Like GOG’s Halloween sale, this contest won’t be open long, so you’ll need to act fast. I’ll be choosing the winners on Halloween!

Have a question? Feel free to ever-so-gently toss Adam an email, or follow him on Twitter and Bloody Disgusting.



  • wildgator25

    Adam, I love you so much (you know, in that heterosexual way we spoke of months ago). I can’t wait to get my Xbox One (you know, that console you loathe so much). When I get my Xbox One, I would absolutely love to have a copy of Dead Rising 3! I need my zombie fix until The Walking Dead:Season 2 comes out!

    Please let me be one of your special 30! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • JessePhillips94

      Hi, I plan to get drunk as hellll on halloween ๐Ÿ˜€ But If you pick me as one of the 30 winners Adam, I would appreciate a copy of GTAV cause I’m a loser and haven’t caught up with the current gaming scene :/ Btw thanks for being a decent person and helping gamers in NEEED.

  • ToniApproves

    If I win this awesome giveaway, I’d love to have I have No Mouth and I Must Scream. Harlan Ellison is a beast…and evidently he HATES HATES HATES me. And that’s okay.

    What a great contest – here’s to hoping I win! Thanks, fellas!

  • illusion333

    I’m constipated.

  • embarrassedtobehuman

    i would like a game!

  • fmkain

    Here’s to hoping! good luck people!

  • Kane Soto

    i would absolutely love you forever for a copy of Nether (that game looks so fucking boss)

  • CravedLust

    I love you so much and you are the best ๐Ÿ˜€ I would love to win a horror game! I hope I win!!!

  • Raven-Faust

    Awesome how you always give back to fans.. For Halloween i will be working at Scaring the YELL out of people, and then come hope to sleep and back to work at the house the next day.. So much fun, Any game would be great i love all horror games, random would be awesome!!

  • Tremors

    I would love to have Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. I’m a diehard fan of the original but haven’t been able to afford getting the new one due to money troubles. What a Halloween present that would be!

  • Rodolfo Ramirez

    Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, the first one was fun and creepy and I want to play the new one now.

  • AsaPHelpsChicago

    Always generous and always look forward to these contests! Thanks

  • Jeff Nussbaum

    A delightful contest, for the most delightful time of year. I would like a Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, should I be selected. That game looks to tickle my scarybone.

  • Kingchkai

    I would love to have Amnesia, I have never played it and always wanted to. I hope I win.

  • schuby2013

    The Penumbra collection or machine of pigs would be awesome! I’m going to do an evil dead marathon for halloween. I always enjoy your articles waking up early in the day, makes a good start to the day!

  • Synguen

    My plan for halloween is to turn all the lights off and watch some creepy movies. Trick r Treat or maybe some Shining.

  • fyremarble

    Wow I love you for being so generous. I’m being a witch for Halloween. Going to hand candy out to the little kiddies. I’d love to win and good luck to everyone!

  • Shadow-Master713

    Much love from one of the OG BD members. Haven’t logged into my BD account in quite some time, but this is definitely worth getting in on.

  • barveyhirdman

    I’d love to get Eldritch and play it on my next charity marathon. My plans for Halloween is watching horror movies all night, classic b-movies and slashers till my eyes bleed.

  • Beneviolence

    One of the most reliable sites for horror-themed video gaming news. Glad they’re supporting your site with the contest.

  • indigoRose

    Halloween is already my favorite holiday, but this would make it that much better! A gal can hope!

  • Craphex

    Sounds good to me!

  • Grayv4

    Hi!! I already went out for Halloween, dressed as Lydia from Beetlejuice! On Halloween night I am taking my kids out trick or treating, and then sending them to bed and sneaking some of their candy for myself!

    If I were to win I would choose Alone in the Dark 1, 2 and 3 for mac!
    Thanks for the contest!

  • dead_dan

    I already have Alone in the Dark and Blood…


  • SadieJerome

    I’m participating in Extra Life, which is a charity that involves marathoning video games for 25 hours. I’d welcome any games I can add to my rotation! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • conndoctor

    im fierce sound ye should give me a game haha

  • page

    Do want !

  • Ladytray

    I like all the games so any one will be nice


    AW many has already commented. ๐Ÿ™
    well..i hope i can win still?
    would be great,since i love this site and articles.
    cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • a9WI7Gvf1LE9Zm

    I like games.

  • suicide1976

    It would be awesome to win dude. Going through some hard times financially and would make my sons day to get a new game. Happy Halloween. Gonna take the kids out trick or treating. 2 days!! Cant wait!! Favorite holiday.

  • Metropolis

    Sweeeet opportunity for me…
    Slash on, dudes!

  • Dragonfire102681

    I’ll take any game for FREE ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Skullbone

    I am having a themed costume party this Halloween. All girls come dressed as a nudist colony.

  • DiNNyEE

    So many good games…

  • Demnora

    Thank you for posting such an awesome contest! My plans for Halloween will be to go visit my parents and hand out candy! Of course I will stay up late watching horror movies as well! If I were to win I would love to have Alan Wake. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Ltg1998

    If I won I would totally choose South Park stick of truth because it looks amazing.
    Also for Halloween I plan to play through the silent hill HD collection.
    Oh and also you make like the funniest videos I have seen on YouTube, you should play amnesia the dark descent again

  • Joi-kun

    I would choose Amnesia (who would pass up such a sophisticated classic); I am having a Halloween party this Thursday (yes, thursday~), and I would love to have Amnesia available to my guests for entertainment. ADAM!! YOU ARE THE MOST GENEROUS AND AWESOME HOST EVER!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! YOU ROCK. I LOVE YOU!! In both a hetero and homo way– yeah. THAT much ^^

  • lancelyon

    PICK ME PLEASE! <—Manners

  • The-magical-wishing-ghost

    I would love the penumbra collection SOO much!

    My plans for halloween are playing horror games,watching horror movies and eating horror food!

    Good luck everyone and happy halloween Adam!

  • Roth

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway! I’m also a GOG member, so it’s nice to see you guys collaborating with them for this.

    As for horror games, I pretty much owned a lot of the ones mentioned here already. But there’s this upcoming indie horror game called Neverending Nightmares, which had been funded on Kickstarter a while ago. I’m looking forward to that and the new Slender game called Slender: The Arrival.

  • dmarins

    I WANT ONE!!!

  • Emankcin

    I hope I win… Don’t know what I would get, but likely something really scary! REALLY REALLY SCARY!

  • fredvoorhees83

    dead rising 3 no doubt as a horror fan! For Halloween i’m planning to have a Friday the 13th/Nightmare on elm street blu ray marathon while passing out candy. Have a Happy Halloween everyone and good luck!

  • Itzpapalotl

    It finally worked! I was able to log in. I just bought Fatal Frame II and haven’t even had a chance to play it yet.

  • Boomhour83

    It may not be a horror game, but I would love a copy of The Last of Us for the PS3!!! Post-apocalyptic survival with wierd infected fungus-heads chasing after you relentlessly??? How awesome is that?!

  • malski

    Oh, golly, I don’t even know what game I’d go with… Alone in the Dark? Amnesia? I’d even let you pick what you think is the scariest game and give it to me! Well, second-scariest, let’s be honest… I already have Silent Hill 2. <3

  • GhostCruiser

    If I win I would love to get a copy of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. I’m currently playing the first game and it’s pretty awesome, can’t wait to try the sequel when i’m done. For Halloween I’ll be hanging out with some friends and watching a few horror movies and playing a couple horror games…with the lights off!

  • weazy

    hey ill comment in the right place now hehe

  • harrynico4

    I’m being a walker for Halloween. Making it all myself and drowning myself in blood!

  • HollyGray

    Pick me… I never win anything! Break the trend!

  • theexorcist

    I Never Win ๐Ÿ™

  • Hunt

    I have no plans for Halloween, so please let me win a game to play so I am not sitting around with idle hands that night. I don’t wanna end up turning my friends into zombies!!

  • Drakonach

    Keep the blood flowing..

  • IronFist2099

    My plans for Halloween involve going to see HALLOWEEN tonight at the local theater & taking my son Trick or Treating Halloween night & watching horror films all month long. If I win I would pick Alan Wake, been wanting to try it for a while now. Good luck to everyone & thanks for the awesome contest!

  • jimakostsalas

    Hope to win, I want to play Deadly Premonition!!

  • katthesquirrel

    Super excited! I’ve wanted to try Theme Hospital for a bit now! Halloween is my wedding anniversary and my husband I go out and take our tiny goblins out trick-or-treating then settle in to watch scary movies and veg out. Also, I think you’re pretty nifty. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • mikethewolf

    Amnesia would be awesome! I’ll be dressing as the devil and being mischievous.

  • MissUsagi

    If I actually won anything I would adore you oh so much! I want Amnesia:The Dark Descent! I love you so so much! So much that I stalk this blog even when I’m in class! Oh, and on Halloween I will be Trick or Treating with my 8 year old sister. (even though I am 20 Lol)

  • MongrelHeart

    I have no idea which game I would choose, as they’re all sooo good, but I know which ever it will be will also be entertaining to my housemates; they love watching me play horror games to see me jumping three feet in the air and screaming whenever something jumps out. It’s a win-win situation for us all, really.

  • Infected-Voice

    I would love to win this. I would pick Silent Hill Downpour for Xbox 360 or if I can get rare with my choice then it would have to be Fatal Frame: Curse of the Lunar Mask for Wii, so I can finish off my horror collection. Bring on the horror!

  • Soniku

    As the most hunkiest dreamboat of a writer here on BD, I’d be honored to receive Amnesia Machine of Pigs from you. While the game frightens me, I’ll just have to stay strong and think what would Adam Dodd do?

  • Abrexus

    I love you

  • xdragonfreak

    My son is going as a dalek for Halloween!

  • Callie Kelly

    And this is why we love yal.

  • scorcher

    PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!

  • nukacolagirl

    One of my favourite sites ever, I just wanna say keep up the brill work and thanks for having these amazing competitions ๐Ÿ™‚ If I won I’d pick The Witcher 2 enhanced edition. Just planning on having a horror marathon for Halloween, can’t beat it. Happy Halloween!

  • miwinfamous

    I do love me a good game every now and then. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • bittrblue

    I would just love the time to play a game now and then.

  • Era

    ADAM, you hot piece of man meat. Well, since the horror (especially around here) and video game circuits are usually sausage fests, I’m a chick. I LOVE horror and gaming, and I’m not a lesbian. Who the hell would have thought? Anyway, we talked recently on the Twitter (my callsign is @THE_Redux) about the Dracula tv show and how much it sucks. For Halloween, I’m going to be taking my kid around trick or treating…sadly. HOWEVER, on the 2nd of November (which, by coincidence, is my kid’s 7th birthday), I’m participating in the “Extra Life” campaign where I’ve pledged to play video games for 25 hours in order to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. I’d LOVE to use a game I’ve won from Bloody Disgusting and GOG (I know the name of the site because I go there all the time, but I keep wanting to write CAG because I’m a Battlestar Galactica nerd) during that time and to feature it on my Twitch channel. The game would be entirely up to you guys (because I don’t like to be choosy when I’m given things for free), but I’d love to be one of those to win this for this particular reason, and really…free things are awesome as hell. Thanks in advance, even if I don’t win…when I’ll have to tell sick kids that I couldn’t play an awesome new game for them because Adam didn’t pick me…

  • I’m looking forward to playing Outlast.

  • HeroPrincess

    My plans for halloween are searching the web for an affordable flat to finally move out at home and live together with my boyfriend, playing some coop games with mentioned boyfriend and watching the 3rd season of Walking Dead througout the night with him. Watching a full season Walking Dead is like a Halloween Tradition for us since last year. Last year it was the 2nd season we watched.
    If I were to win I would definetly want Outlast. My boyfriend and I absolutely love horror games, and I’m already keeping him from buying his beloved Battlefield 4 because we have to save money for moving out.
    And yeah, you’re awesome Adam, but I guess you definetly know that haha.

  • GnawedDigits

    I’m going to be Shaggy from Scooby-Doo for Halloween. He’s a role model of mine.

  • UGotGlocked

    I can has game naow too plz? Lol I need more games to make me scream!!!

  • bobwgolden

    Thanks for this great chance to win a free game.

  • E. Yarborough

    Pick me, I’m too poor to afford to buy games for myself!

    I’ll be spending Halloween working overnight at the world famous Netherworld haunted house in Norcross, GA.

  • feffiloceraptor

    I will be spending Halloween at home passing out candy to the kids in my neighborhood and watching scary movies. Pretty lame, but maybe Alan Wake would make things better? That game looks incredible and I’d love to play it.

  • Midian2013

    I wouldnt mind playing the last of us…

  • Sick_skwerl

    Holy hell, Adam, this contest is going to crash the server! I’ve never seen so many comments (unless it’s one of Evan’s editorials, because the lunatics want to argue with him ALL the time haha).
    I could use a copy of Amnesia, or Slenderman: nine pages. “He will rape you”!
    And I have no idea what to do for Halloween. I just meet Robert Englund on sunday, so I don’t know what could possibly top that.

  • joeshmo447

    For Halloween I’m probably going to go trick or treating(I don’t care if I am 18) and then horror movie marathon with some halloween movies, hellraiser, and when a stranger calls because that one part still gets me! If I win I’d love a game like Alan Wake played it at my friends house and it was pretty fun. And yeah of coarse your the best and seem like a nice person for all these contests:) I think it’s pretty cool of a fellow horror fan to give away these types of things. Ps: you have a good taste in horror my friend so if u would choose a random game for me would be cool too as long as it’s 360 thanks!

  • Veles

    Ooooh, I already bought three from the sale this afternoon, but I’ll happily take another one ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tenyearsafter333

    Gabriel Knight! I’d be one step closer to completing’s top 100 adventure games!

  • megamelfina

    It never fails that when there is an awesome sale, I am totally broke.

  • allison1262

    Silent Hill is for lovers but amnesia is for masters

  • Tombomb421

    Hey, dude! I’m in college and haven’t really had the time to play video games as much as I normally do. If I won a free game though, that would be abso-freaking-lutely awesome.

  • gregiorp

    AMNESIA: A MACHINE FOR PIGS would be my choice. Plans for Halloween horror game marathon Silent Hill, some Resident Evil, Dead Space, SCP, and Slender to name a few.

  • n1h1l1st

    Send me a game to help poop pants.

    Constipation is a ma’haab.

  • sharknoodles

    It is hard to pick a game now but Amnesia is pretty close to the top. As for Halloween I will come up with a great costume and find a party to terrify then end the evening watching Trick ‘R Treat eagerly anticipating the 2nd one.

  • slipjoo


  • calm_sea

    I want to win “Amnesia: The Dark Descent” so it can scare the pants off me this Halloween!

  • RoomOfAngel

    Hi there!

    I’d really love a copy of Amnesia The Dark Descent. For Halloween, I’ll… working, unfortunately. But I may still dress up for the occasion! ๐Ÿ˜€ I really love your youtube channel and I am about to start mine with a friend (I’ll mostly take care of the horror part, while he’ll focus on a bit of everything else)

  • FormerHuman

    I am really dying to play Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs. For Halloween, I am travelling 5 hours to London to see the one and only Fabio Frizzi perform music from his long career, including his classics with Lucio Fulci. Heading down there tomorrow morning, would love to have a surprise to come home to on Friday!

  • Tastycakeslol

    I would be very grateful to win a copy of A Machine for Pigs.

    And I’m going to be a pirate for Halloween. As in, I have a Pirate Bay shirt and cheap cargo pants ready to go.

  • NYRonin

    This is very kind of you Mr. Adam Dodd…Dodd…Dad…hmm. Dads are nice. Reminds me of my Dad. Always givin’ stuff away out of the goodness of his heart.

    Well, now that my heart’s cockles are thoroughly warmed, I’d like to say that if I was in one of the 30, I’d choose the game “Octodad: Dadliest Catch” not only because it would remind me of my father (and you, of course), but also because I am deathly afraid of things described as “a cephalopod mollusc of the order Octopoda”. And with a description like that, I don’t think my fears are unwarranted.

    So, there you go. Fathers and Fear all balled into one bloody Cephalopod. Guh. I just shuddered and threw up in my mouth a little.

    • NYRonin

      (Oh, and, uh for halloween I will be working. Because I am an adult. ๐Ÿ™ )

  • Katskradle84

    Hello, Adam. If you send me Clive Barker’s Undying, I will read all of his works to you, in a whisper, because I care.

  • esnavely

    i own Amnesia: TDD & AMFP. but i’m REALLY interested in playing Outlast and potentially checking myself into a mental institution after beating it

  • beachnaturalist

    No idea which I would choose, but I sure as hell would love to have the dilemma! C’mon, pick me!

  • BloatedZombie

    I hope everyone has a good halloween, writers and readers alike!!

  • EmpathNaga

    My only question is: is there a price limit for the game that we want? There’s one very rare game that is very pricey for how hard it is to get, and I’m very interested in it.

  • dacsquared

    I seriously have on game for Xbox 360 cos I’m poor. And it’s old LOL. D; If I win……..I would like GTA 5.Why? Damn I dunno. It was between that or Skyrim. GOSH DAMMIT DeCISIONSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS . Kthanxbye ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Joey_Redballs

    Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut…or Typing of the Dead: Overkill so my niece can improve her typing skills.

  • hossthomas

    If I won I would love to have I have no mouth and I must scream

  • raphael-airnmusic

    i’d like to take a ride with alan wake, if i’m to be in the 30 chosen ones.

  • BillyBob

    Submarine tacos in bananas are known to cause earthquakes and blood clots.

  • viperidae99

    May your all Halloweens be filled with Bloody Disgusting horror! Mwahahaha!

  • twat-hammer

    Oh wow, I’d love to get in on this. I’d be so torn between Alan Wake and I Have No Mouth though…

  • J-Wizard-The-One

    This is a sweet contest! I’d like to have either the original Amnesia game (not a machine for pigs) or Outlast.

    Outlast looks really scary and fun!

  • Daku66

    It would be awesome if I won a copy of Alan Wake. This Halloween, I’m going to be having some friends over to watch Pet Sematary for the first time.

  • Tenebrion

    Would love to win Beyond : Two Souls on PS3

  • JessePhillips94

    Hi, I plan to get drunk as hellll on halloween ๐Ÿ˜€ But If you pick me as one of the 30 winners Adam, I would appreciate a copy of GTAV cause Iโ€™m a loser and havenโ€™t caught up with the current gaming scene :/ Btw thanks for being a decent person and helping gamers in NEEED. And sorry “wildgator25 for replying to your comment instead of posting just my own, im a newb at this >_<

  • ThunderDragoon

    I would get something really awesome. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Rick-Taylor

    Hey Adam, I’m gonna be at the Halloween parade in Manhattan on Halloween. If I were to win, I would pick any Alan Wake game for PS3 unless you can somehow offer me The Wolf Among Us for free.

  • Tim

    I have no butt,
    and I must fart

  • spaulding85

    Clive Barkerโ€™s Undying , u got to pick the captain !!!! ha

  • Raefe

    I love GoG, shop there frequently, great prices and selection

  • oneofthosedeadfckers

    This is a glorious idea from our BD overlord Adam. I’m going to dress up as Severen from Near Dark and go on a pub crawl for Halloween. I’d love it if I could get a copy of Outlast or Doorways.

  • BloodHearted666

    I am so f-ing jealous. I live in Europe and here unfortunatly most people don’t celebrate Halloween. Mostly because there are a couple of Christian fanatics who say it’s not good for little childeren to get involved into demonic and senceless traditions…..I wish we had halloween over here…..and I wish it would be possible to win a game….. I’ve been reading your work Adam, I and DO have to say we almost share a same taste about movies….keep up te nice work!!!


    I’m taking my kids trick or treating so you know I can’t afford to BUY a game.

  • Himmelmorder

    I would like Amnesia The Dark Descent because I’ve lived under a rock

  • bbolanos13

    I’m going to fight crime as Triangle Man!

  • I’d love to play Alan Wake again, such a great game!

  • TheHauntedAdept

    I would love a game! It indeed would be EPIC!

  • IamCorvus

    Aye, t’would be a grand Halloween with free games to be given!

  • Grindy

    my chance to finally get to play some nice new games ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dr.Gothel


  • Blood-Sicles

    Sanitarium and Clive Barker’s Undying are involved in this giveaway?? Count me in for this one ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lovegame18

    For Halloween I’m definitely having myself a Horror movie marathon! Gonna be stock piled with tons of food to snack on all day! Pretty badass of you to be giving away games, hopefully I could get one. I’ve been wanting to play for a long time os Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition. Heard its an alright game. I wanna hopefully be able to try it out. Anyways, thanks for the contest again!

  • MrM666

    wow, that’s awesome guys!

    i’d really like to win PHANTASMAGORIA ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hecate_Hellcat

    Please pick me! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I shall love you forever and ever and ever! plus it would help me out as I am always needing new stuff to review! ๐Ÿ˜€ xx

  • Joanna-Jaguar

    What a fantastic contest!! I’m gonna go non-horror, and I’d get the old school city builder Zeus: Master of Olympus from 2000. I’ve been playing Pharaoh by the same company since 1999 when it was released and have never been able to get my hands on Zeus. It’s impossible to find now! I almost peed my pants when I saw it on GOG! For Halloween, I’m spending my night handing out candy and scaring the pants off the kids. My favorite thing to do!

  • DiNNyEE

    i would like to win Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

  • Igorlivzz

    Must eat,..uh, get free brains, uhhhh, get free game. Before rigor mortis sets in.

  • nosmoke

    I’ll probably get “I have no mouth and I must scream”.
    I’ve heard so much about this game – I just have to play it.
    Thank you very much for this great giveaway. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nerf-Herder

    Is this open to people in the UK? If so, love the site, you’re awesome, now send me a game or I’ll tear your soul apart…

  • shawn

    Went as ghostface to the parties. People loved it, I love it. Classic.

  • monstermartha

    I am going to watch a horror movie marathon for halloween. Everyday is halloween for me though. If I win I’d love to get some good horror games. I don’t own many of them but I’d like to so VERY much. Oh and by the way, I think you are freaking awesome. lol

  • Sabu

    I would love to win Aminรฉsia A machine for pigs! i played the first one and it was awesome! i still remember how scared i was in the flooded corridor part!!!

  • clown069

    Would love to grab Outlast.

  • Riadon

    Adam Dodd is the greatest man that ever lived!

  • colbster56

    If i win i would like Amnesia: a Machine for Pigs

  • Mohannad

    Made an account just for this ๐Ÿ™‚ hope I get picked.

  • Baron_Aim

    I’d have trouble picking between Amnesia: a Machine for Pigs and I Have No Mouth But I Must Scream.

  • divisionbell

    Gotta go with Amnesia a machine for pigs. The first was absolutely brilliant and I can’t see what they did next. Not nearly enough lovecraftian horror these days!!

  • Aidan Bergfeld

    You guys…
    Come on. We’re homies till the end. Please, I love you so much

  • Loofah1234

    Well for Halloween I’m planning on just spending time with my girlfriend.(I bought The Blair Witch Project for us to watch) I’d greatly appreciate getting one of these games, and you’re freaken tight for doing this for us all. Very generous of you!
    I’d like to have Clive Barker’s Undying.

  • JRod365

    Since I buy any horror game I’m interested in immediately I can’t really pick a straight up horror game. However, think Don’t Starve would be great to have since it looks Tim Burtonish.

  • Eric Inman

    I would pick alan wake….for halloween im going to be winning a hell of alot of beer pong…and i love you because you run the best damn horror site on the web and would love you alot more if you pick me for a winner for a contest ive been trying to win alot of them ๐Ÿ™‚

  • sabrinag

    i would pick outlast i think is one of the most scariest game ever thanks to addams videos. Poor addam that has to decide betwen 150 comments XD.. Good luck everyone! and HAPPYY HALOWEEN!!!! HAVE FUN wathever u win or not

  • thakurkster

    My dorm is hosting a haunted house. After that my friends and I are watching John Carpenter’s “The Thing”, followed by “The Exorcist” and “The Evil Dead”. Fun stuff. Happy Halloween!

  • roflcatl33t

    Hello Adam, I just wanted to say straight up,i just made an account on here for this contest specifically, I have been visiting the site recently and I really enjoy the video game articles that you guys put together. If I do win this contest (fingers crossed) I would like to receive a copy Clive Barkers undying as I constantly see it on many “top 10 horror games” lists. If possible I would like to receive it via Steam, if possible. Of course this is only IF I win we can hammer out the details and such. My Halloween is going to be spent taking my little sister (she’s 7) out for trick r’ treating. (see what I did there?) Well anyway, I hope you have an awesome Halloween as well my new found friend and we get to hear all about it!

  • BDrake9

    I made an account just for this. <3

    I've always loved the site, but I've never commented. So firstly: Hello! Secondly: I'm a broke college kid who has loved horror games since he was a more literal kid. And I have been staring longingly at Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs ever since it released. I would owe you my eternal love if I got it.

  • Casiwee

    I love horror movies but I just can’t play horror games! It’s super difficult for me. But I gotta start somewhere! But please, no Slenderman. Too creepy.

  • Nasher


  • SickAxe

    my Halloween includes homework and school, BUT if I win a game I will skip the homework and play some awesome horror games!! So please help me to get scared out of my pants!!

  • trixie420247

    My mate just emailed me the link to the games and asked if i wanted to play a horror game tonight at the precise time i was emailing him the link! i think it is fate.

  • Archgoat

    I love GOG! This is a great contest. Not sure what I would pick, probably something classic and delicious.

  • Zuzi

    Horror is the bestest thing ever and I could def use some more scary games to add to my collection!

  • hbz3xtreme

    I;m not sure what game I would get but bloody-disgusting sure does have some awesome giveaways!

  • Hunt

    I don’t think I won, so congrats to the winners and hhope everyone had a great Halloween!! Thanks for a great contest Adam!

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