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Trailer For Found-Footage ‘Face’, World Premiering at Another Hole in the Head!

I’ve secretly been working with co-directors Norith Soth and Taka Arai on their found-footage shocker Face, based on the short story by Mikal Britt, and am excited to reveal that the film will be having its World Premiere Wednesday, December 18 at the Another Hole in the Head Film Festival.

In the found-footage horror, “What caused the gruesome aftermath at the Delta Chi Kappa Sorority house on the night of October 31, 2012? This footage is leaked police evidence you are not supposed to watch. It reveals a chain reaction of the most appalling acts ever committed by college kids in American history.” Scott Alin, Ashley Alvarado, and Max Aria star.

There are currently two vastly different variations of the film, with the version I executive produced being included on the home video release in the near future. No matter which version you see, I can guarantee the finale is going to beat the living shit out of your gut. I caught a very early test screening that left me feeling sick, which is how I ended up becoming involved in this bizarre found-footage flick.

Check out some images and a trailer below. Get tix here.



  • Evan3

    Sorry Mr. Disgusting, but this looks terrible. If I can’t even coherently see the happenings in the trailer, I highly doubt the film itself is coherent.

  • flesheater24

    it better not suck like paranormal did.

  • pamdoespam

    looks full of sex and violence, will be first in line

  • Schmoopy

    Alcohol. Nudity. Blood… Not sure what I just watched but I like the recipe. Guess will have to see if Mr. D’s gut has gone soft or if this movie is as ghastly as he claims.

  • Bigblood

    Looks pretty insane, which is how I like my movies!!

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