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[Random Cool] Watch the Once Rare Unused ‘The Exorcist’ Trailer!

Even the trailer was too scary…

Discovered on YoutTube, watch the once incredibly rare original 1973 theatrical trailer for William Friedkin’s The Exorcist that film executives banned due to the concern that the content within was too disturbing for audiences.

It’s actually an insanely intense trailer that really grabs you with music reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, and would eventually inspire the score for Insidious.

Warning: people with epilepsy should probably avoid as you’re about to be blasted with flashes of terror!

Source: ShortFormCinema



  • lupe

    wow. i don’t have epilepsy, but that seriously scrambled my eyes and brain.

  • Samhain2010


  • flesheater24

    It was taken down for it being to scary it was taken down because if you didn’t have epilepsy you sure as fuck would of then.

  • Darkness69

    A real LSD trailer – innovative, although now I have the urge to go wash my eyes!

  • RubenVeritas

    Fucking amazing!!!! Should have been the original trailer! Imagine watching it on a big screen in a dark theater

  • ThunderDragoon

    I remember seeing this. Very creepy.

  • feck

    saw this years ago. Yeah, love it. Very creative and original for its time. Great music.

  • grossgreg

    I watched this and woke up in a ditch by the road three days later and 40 miles away from home. Wearing a a cassock.

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