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Review: ‘A Voice In The Dark’ #1

In recent years, the idea of romanticizing murder has become common in fiction. Many books, television series and movies have left audiences wondering what it would be like to kill someone and get away with it. Top Cow’s new series “A Voice In The Dark” by writer/artist Larime Taylor takes that idea and transplants readers straight into the mind of a killer.

WRITTEN BY: Larime Taylor
ART BY: Larime Taylor
PUBLISHER: Image/Top Cow/Minotaur Press
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: November 20th 2013

“A Voice In The Dark” is the story of college freshman Zoey Aarons, who is looking for fresh start 72-days after committing murder. Since birth, Zoey has been fighting to control her dark urges and impulses. Studying broadcasting, Zoey is given a late-night talk radio show that allows anonymous callers to give voice to their teen-angst and unburden themselves of the skeletons that have been hiding in the closet. In the process Zoey has also given her sinister side a voice and now with the filter removed, her dark urges have access to the airwaves.

After reading the first issue it’s next impossible not to make comparisons to the movies and television shows that glare through as Taylor’s influences. Zoey has more than a passing similarity to pirate radio disk jockey ‘Hard Harry’ in the movie Pump up the Volume, as she allows her animalistic urges to take over when she is unleashed onto the radio. Also the scenes where Zoey is having a conversation with her violent side, she reminds us of “Dexter” battling his dark passenger in the mirror. Despite its similarities to other serialized fiction, Taylor delivers all the ingredients to make “A Voice In The Dark” a compelling story that stands on its own. Zoey is a compelling protagonist with many layers and readers are captivated as we watch her fight to keep her violent urges suppressed.

One of the most impressive parts about the first issue of “A Voice In The Dark” is how polished this first issue feels. Taylor writes these characters with the deadly precision of a seasoned veteran, and the book is beautifully illustrated. Taylor’s artistic style resembles the work of Jonathan Luna (“The Sword”, “Girls”) with a clean and simple look that emphasizes the emotions of each of the characters throughout the panels.

“A Voice In The Dark” delivers a visceral psychological thriller that builds with suspense with each turn of the page. Writer/artist Larime Taylor is bringing things to a slow boil by developing the characters, so that when the blood does finally spill it packs an emotional wallop with readers. “A Voice In The Dark” has readers fully immersed from the first page to the last as Taylor shows us what it’s like to be trapped inside the mind of a killer.

4.5/5 Skulls



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