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Potential ‘The Stand’ Rating Causes Rift Between Studio and Director?

Scott Cooper, whose Out of the Furnace opens Dec. 6, has fallen off The Stand, the adaptation of Stephen King’s epic novel being made by Warner Bros. and CBS Films, reports Heat Vision.

Cooper was writing and attached to direct the adaptation, which is one of the most influential of King’s works.

It is unclear why Cooper left. Sources tell Heat Vision the parting was over creative differences, while one insider says it came down to the project’s potential rating. Cooper wants an R-rating, in keeping with the rawness of King’s novel, while Warners, the lead on the project, aims to make a PG or PG-13 movie.

Another source said the project’s scope is so massive that the studios are not sure how many movies are needed to cover the entire adaptation.

David Yates and Ben Affleck were previously attached as directors.

The studio is said to be moving fast to find a replacement and the names being thrown out as possible replacements range from Cary Fukunaga and Paul Greengrass to Daniel Espinosa and Denis Villeneuve.




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