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[TV] Next On “The Walking Dead”: Promo and Sneak For the Mid-Season Finale, “Too Far Gone”!

There’s nothing between us and them, except for a mid-season break…

Next on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Episode 4.08, “Too Far Gone”, “After things begin to calm at the prison, Rick and the group face imminent danger.

Below we have the first sneak peak and promo for the eighth episode of the ongoing zombie series, which will break until 2014 thereafter.

Directed by Ernest Dickerson, the Seth Hoffman-penned episode airs Sunday, December 1, 2013.

In addition, we have three behind-the-scenes videos that look at tonight’s episode, including The Governor’s little game of golf. It doesn’t end well for his competition…



  • weresmurf

    Season 3’s 16 episodes could be condensed down to 6 fantastic episodes. However all 7 season 4 episodes so far are note-perfect. Season 4 is the point where The Walking Dead has turned from a seasonal joke, to a quality program. Todays episode was just superb in terms of character and plot advancement. The Governor FINALLY made his true appearance. Absolutely adored it.

    • Darkness69

      I totally agree – episode 6 of this season was excellent, closely followed by the latest episode.

  • K-Dogg

    Could someone please kill the Governor already….this season is becoming very tedious, and I now have to watch yet another prison standoff, when he should have been killed last season. I expected so much more for this season.

    • weresmurf

      This is the standoff that SHOULD have happened. Mazarra fucked it up last season. With all due respect and I know noone has a right to ask this after they fucked it up so bad with season 3, just give next week a chance and see how much better it will be, given it looks like it’s directly from the comics… which was a bloody shitfight to end all shitfights.

  • VictoriaJane

    Did anyone notice how the scene with the cars and tank outside the prison fences looks just like how it did in the comics? I’m hoping this standoff pans out the same way it did in the comic version. Rick and the others have been at the prison too long in my opinion and it’s the perfect chance for a change of scenery, get them back on the road without the safety of the walls! Just wish this happened in season three instead of dragging it out again. This season has been brilliant so far just feels like they’ve gone two steps forward and 10 steps back.

    • weresmurf

      I don’t think they’ve dragged it out at all personally. But what they have done, is very meticulously crafted a genuine reason for the Governor to come back rather than ‘HEY HERE HE IS OUT OF NOWHERE!’ The Governor has been set up to have true repentance, he could have gone off with his new family, but old habits die hard and his evil nature took over again. When power came along he took hold. When the tank became available he took the chance to get it because he knew what it represented. Revenge. Season 3 was a clusterfuck of magnificent proportions. It was a disaster. Season 4 has been the apology season. The only reason, ONLY reason it seems to drag is because season 3 screwed up so badly. Next week is going to be the final episode at the prison, I *guarantee* it. You don’t get the exact scene of the Governor in the tank for no reason when it looks exactly like the comics. There’s going to be blood spilt in a big way. I’d say personally this season they haven’t gone back 10 steps, in fact they hit the ground running, kicked the season 3 corpse in the teeth with a pair of steel cap boots and left it in the dust rotting.

      • VictoriaJane

        I agree with his evil nature taking over, it seems like his true form is finally going to show and I love his character development. Oh I didn’t mean this season as a whole had gone back 10 steps I just meant by them having another prison standoff but regardless I’m loving season 4 and can’t wait for more episodes 🙂

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