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Exclusive: Platinum Dunes Will Produce ‘Friday the 13th’

Tuesday night Bloody Disgusting told you that Jason Voorhees would be returning to theaters on March 13, 2013.

So far there’s no other news available – just speculation and rumor. The only thing that we have confirmed as fact is that Platinum Dunes is still producing for Paramount Pictures.

Dunes, Michael Bay’s company run by Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, produced the modern day 2009 remake that starred Derek Mears as the iconic slasher Jason Voorhees, who tortures a group of teens trespassing on his land.

With Paramount announcing the date alongside the title Friday the 13th (2015), speculation has run rampant that the studio is actually remaking the franchise once again. There is no confirmation of this, but the fact that it wasn’t announced as Friday the 13th Part 2 is definitely eyebrow-raising.

And let’s not forget that the next Friday will in fact be the 13th in the franchise, if you count Freddy vs. Jason.

I expect a celebration.



  • Skrooball

    “Tuesday night Bloody Disgusting told you that Jason Voorhees would be returning to theaters on March 13, 2013.”

    Damn, I must’ve missed it…

    • The Grey Jedi

      Do you know if the one coming in 2015 is a sequel or another damn reboot ?

      And how do you “reboot” Friday the 13th ?? They should make it like Splatterhouse, (the classic one, not the 2012 one).

  • Jhanse3 (Jhanse29)

    I’m good with a winter setting. I wrote a short story 15 years ago with a Friday the 13th set in winter with snow mobiles, etc. But for the love if Voorhees please do not go the overplayed and obnoxious found footage route. Also please bring in a new set of writers. They were the reason the remake got such tepid reviews from the fans.

    • The Grey Jedi

      Could you tell me if this article is referring to a “reboot” or a sequel, users here seem 2 B in the know.

      BTW, you’ll agree that any Friday the 13th remake should be something like Splatterhouse (classic arcade, not 2012)?? 🙂

  • Marty McFly

    Bring it on. I enjoyed the remake, Platinum Dunes isn’t that bad by the way. As long as there isn’t any bullshit gimmick like found footage…….or telekinesis, traveling to Manhattan, body hopping and going to outer space. I just want Jason killing teenagers. Give it a good script and make the kills creative. Also, the one thing that the remake lacked was the “ki ki ki mah mah mah mah” noises, I think I heard it only like once or twice, this new movie needs to use it more often….. and keep Derek Mears because he was outstanding, best Jason portrayal next to Ted White.

  • DarrelDreadful

    Being that this is going to be the 13th entry, I really hope they go all out.

  • RubenVeritas

    And please no more over done pornographic sex scenes that last for 2mins. There is a tasteful way of doing it. It ruins the flow of the movie.

  • Golic

    I really hope this will be made to be taken seriously, as everything Jason up to this point has been a joke.

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    On one hand, yes, bring on a new Jason movie. On the other hand, please don’t do found footage. It’s not Jason and while we may need some sort of fresh angle, found footage is not it, in my opinion. And I don’t get why it’s another reboot. The first one was great, but it wasn’t awful, either, so just do a damn sequel to it. Halloween is the one that needs another reboot.

    • WalkWithMeInDarkness

      Fuck, I meant “the first one WASN’T great”, not was. Sorry.

  • I’m all for another Jason film, because I really enjoyed the 2009 remake, but I’m uneasy about the found-footage approach. I cringe at the thought of Jason in shaky cam, and using a found-footage POV WREAKS of desperation to join the found-footage craze, and I sense a horrible and desperate attempt to modernize Voorhees.

  • djblack1313

    i agree guys. NO FUCKING FOUND FOOTAGE!!! i’m fine with PD producing this new sequel. i think with them on board a safe bet they’ll want Derek Mears again (the best Jason since Ted White’s part 4 Jason IMO). i’m more concerned on who’s going to write it. please do not let Damian Shannon & Mark Swift anywhere near this movie. i liked the reboot in spite of them/their writing.

    and did i already say….NO FOUND FOOTAGE? lol.

  • jaxx367

    I’m so exited for this one!!!! It’s going to be awsome and it will definetly put Platinum Dunes back on It’s feet, especially after that lame Nightmare on elm st remake. Super exited to see Jason in action again and Can’t wait for the projects that follow.

  • FredHead94

    I must be the only still waiting for a proper sequel on FvJ. But if they can pull this off (without found footage, minus it being a reboot as well), I say go ahead and do a reboot of Noes to sort of fit in with this new F13 franchise. It will be incredibly hard to find someone better than Robert Englund, but I can guarantee you can make a much better Noes flick than that horrible horrible 2010 “remake”.

  • tlyon2

    Silly Paramount,don’t you know that found footage is dead! No one wants to see that crap. You already have three strikes against you and you’re not even out of the gate.

    Hireing Platinum Dunes is strike one,making it another reboot is strike two and now trying to make it into a found footage movie as well too is strike three.

    Here is what you dumbasses need to do,go and hire Victor Miller to write a prequel. He’s been waiting for a little while to do it!

    Just call the prequel Friday the 13th:Camp Blood.

    It seems to be the only option/direction left to go for this series now!

  • Tomie Kawakami

    “remaking the franchise”

    You reboot a franchise, you remake a film. It’s not that hard. You’re a film writer.

  • Tomie Kawakami

    This is also very probably just a working title since they clearly haven’t decided what the film will be actually titled. I doubt its another reboot.

  • MaryOudeans

    God I hope the don’t do the “Found Footage” take. That is so not Friday the 13th and would kill the entire movie. I enjoyed the 2009 film and hope they just stick with Jason killing drunk,drugged, over-sexed teens! Either way I will be spending my money to see it in the theater.

  • KoalKoalson

    I hope to see a good Jason movie again. No pop culture shit (annoying songs), less weed (it was really annoying in the remake), Jason should be invincible (like Michael or Freddy) and finally: no foreshadowing scenes…the end of the remake was obvious.
    Why is everybody referring to a found footage-film? Just because “Almanac” is going to be one, doesn’t mean, the next Friday will be one. Also, it wouldn’t be a Jason flick, it would be a disgrace.

  • Primeus

    The franchise needs to be remade again. I mean the 2009 movie wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t very good either. The biggest problem with the remake is the first 15mins is the best part of the movie, and it just gets worse after that.

    The first set of kids felt like F13 characters, the next cast of characters were dull, and annoying, and completely cliché.

    But we did get the line “You got perfect nipple placement baby”, so I guess it was worth it for that =).

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