Designer Alleges That ‘Oldboy’ Poster Designs Were Stolen

  • Bryno

    People need to change their attitudes about designers. You wouldn’t expect a carpenter to work on your house for free to get exposure, they do the work they deserve the money. You don’t like what they charge? Find someone else. The thing about design is the simpler and better it looks doesn’t necessarily mean it was easy. Not to mention the time put into developing skills. Hopefully this situation is rectified.

    • sadiesaidhorror

      Seriously! Starving artist is an over-abused and outdated cliche that need to be seriously rectified. Preach on brother!

      • sadiesaidhorror

        *needs to be rectified (correction I was excited).

  • evilfairydust

    I was really sad to hear about this, especially since I liked the poster SO much. It was good because a designer that really cared put alot of time and effort into it. And the fact that he might have been blatantly ripped off (if his story is true) is just really unfortunate. Professional creatives have something special that you can’t find just anywhere…pay them for it, people!