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[Exclusive] Get Haunted By Demonologists’ “Graveyard Ejaculations” Music Video Premiere

Bloody-Disgusting has teamed up with Indiana experimental blackened noise/horror electronics artist Demonologists to bring you the exclusive music video premiere for “Graveyard Ejaculations”. Directed by Mitch Massie (Cattle Decapitation, Murder Construct) the video is nothing short of a nightmare, a phantasmagoric sequence of horrific, erotic, surreal images punctured by a cacophony of demonic howls and piercing shrieks. Using vast amounts of practical effects, the video is highly NSFW due to nudity and gore.

The track “Graveyard Ejaculations” is set to be featured on an upcoming split 12″ with Dargar (featuring members of Harassor), on Whispering Eye Recordings, featuring artwork by John Paul Whetzel and Darea Plantin of Deathstench.

Head on down to check out this exclusive premeire!


Cory Rowell (a.k.a. Demonologists) states, “I originally met and started talking to Mitch Massie after the two of us created videos for Retox right around the same time, roughly a year and a half ago. I was immediately blown away by his video work. I found it to be visually stunning and I immediately took note. I was an instant fan. After seeing the Retox video for A Bastard on Father’s Day, I contacted him and told him how much I enjoyed his work, and we started talking off and on about music. He later invited me to be a part of the Cattle Decapitation video for Forced Gender Reassignment, and then the Secret Fun Club video for Kathleen Turner Overdrive. Shortly after that, I started talking to Mitch about doing something with Demonologists. The concept for Graveyard Ejaculations didn’t exactly happen over night, but evolved into what it is now over a period of time. Ultimately, I knew that it had to be cult based, carry an anti-religion based theme, and have the blood soaked quality of a top notch horror film, and I knew that Mitch would really be able to dig into these themes, and make this happen, and he most certainly did. After a few phone calls and emails, Mitch presented me with the storyline that would become the video for Graveyard Ejaculations. This is cult life, the black mass. Along with the help of horror makeup/special effects team, Megan Leavitt and Al Ponton, and the incredible, abused cast of Brett Siler, Christine Murphy, Jesse Gallamore, and Lydia Thornton, Mitch Massie has worked his cinematic magic yet again and created this horror fueled trip through the eyes of the possessed.

Demonologists on-line:


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