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‘Resident Evil’ And ‘Devil May Cry’ Collide In This Epic Fan Film

This fan-made film is a little cheesy, but then again, I suppose that’s appropriate since both Resident Evil and Devil May Cry have brought their fair share of cheese over the years. In Resident Evil: The Nightmare of Dante, half of the S.T.A.R.S. team — the good half, with Jill, Chris and Barry — team up with Dante to mow down a couple dozen zombies, including a couple of the chainsaw-wielding Ganados from Resident Evil 4. Sadly, neither gets much screen time.

The stunts and special effects are fantastic for a fan-made short, and it does make me wonder whether or not Dante would retain his powers, and possibly his sarcasm, if he were reanimated by the T-virus. Discuss?

My lingering questions: did anyone else hear the Smoker and Hunter sound effects, or am I making that up? And did Wesker have an accent?



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