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[TV] “The Walking Dead” Shocker! Go Behind-the-Scenes Of Tonight’s Finale!

Spoiler Warning: We’ve hit the halfway point of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”, which picks back up after a bloody prison brawl in 2014.

Since we don’t have a preview of the next episode, we’ll look back at tonight’s explosive finale that left audiences shocked with the loss of one of their favorite characters.

In “Making of Episode 408 The Walking Dead: Too Far Gone”, the cast and crew take you behind the scenes of the mid-season finale.

Going further “Inside” the episode, The Governor and Rick come face to face again.

In a new “Talked About Scene,” Michonne and The Governor meet again.

Lastly, AMC has shared a special look at Hershel Greene’s journey on “The Walking Dead”.

What did you guys think of the big stunner? Tell us below.



  • HorrorManiac666

    I loved it but I’m bias towards The Walking Dead. February can’t come any faster.

  • John Marrone

    I know everyone loves to nitpick the shit out of this show because theyve read the comics. Even Brad says he’s not a fan. How can you not be though? So its not a horror film zombie style show and acts like a soap opera with zombies in it – its so well characterized and written. Its always been about how these people are “destroyed” (walking dead) and how they struggle to find connections to that life before everything went to Hell. And the zombie fx and makeup doesnt get enough credit. I felt about as devastated as Rick did crawling out of that disaster. A+

    • djblack1313

      John Marrone, i agree. i just now watched the ep and i honestly feel like i’ve been kicked in the stomach. i feel wrecked (from the episode) and in the best way! amazing ep.

  • WolfQueen

    John, I agree with you 100%. I love this show. It doesn’t need to go 500Km/hour for me to like it. I wouldn’t go so far as to characterize it as a soap opera with zombies, though 😉 Soaps are much, much worse and with no character development at all 😛

  • jaxx367

    Love this show!!! The finalle was perfect, Heartbreaking but perfect. Great series and performances. Can’t wait till February!!!

  • jaxx367

    RIP Hershel. You’ll be missed 🙁

  • Voorhees83

    I agree with everyone else. If the crybabies don’t like it, they don’t have to watch this show. Somehow, they still manage to watch it though. This show to me is more about a real world zombie apocalypse and less of what is seen in the movies. If you were in a zombie apocalypse, most would build relationships with people creating the slow character developments that people love to hate on in this show.

    • K-Dogg

      I guess I am one of the crybabies then, have disliked most of this season, but last night’s episode was absolutely amazing!!

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    That was one of the best hours of television EVER! So much emotion packed into one episode; totally shocked at how things played out…to those that bitch about previous episodes being too slow/spending too much time getting to know the characters, well, without it we wouldn’t have such impactful moments like in tonights episode.

    • djblack1313

      WalkingDeadGuy, i agree! from start to finish this ep was almost flawless (IMO). even though i didn’t love season 2 and only liked part of season 3, i have very much liked A LOT, season 4. season 4 has been pretty excellent and this mid-season ep has taken the show to a whole new and awesome level!

      i don’t even know what they could do to outdo this ep!

      • weresmurf

        The Hilltop and Negan (badguy who started out as Gov 2.0 but became something much much better) are now officially outdoing The Governor with what’s happened recently. ALL OUT WAR as a comic arc started slowly, but damn if it’s not amazing now 😀

        • djblack1313

          weresmurf, that sounds awesome! i only just recently (on IMDB’s TWD board) started hearing about Negan and seeing discussions on who people think should play this Negan character. color me intrigued!

        • wildgator25

          Yes, Issues 116 and 117 were awesome! I don’t have any fucking clue how Negan could be written onto Live TV. AMC may have to air TWD after midnight to get his character on TV. The language alone is half of his character and removing that to use words like fudge or flip instead of FUCK would totally weaken the image that Kirkman has created. Kirkman himself stated that he made the Negan character to express the things he would like to say in life but doesn’t have the nerve to say.

          That being said, I would love to see me some Lucille cracking a few select fucking skulls, starting with that fucktard Bob Stookey. Alcoholic summabitch!

  • FredHead94

    I can’t say I’m completely shocked at Hershel’s death, I predicted it last episode. Still, what a damn good piece of Television. I will miss Hershel’s character, he was the one person who had decided to teach morals and take on the fatherly role of the prison. Sad to see him go. Excited to see where the story goes next!

  • ThunderDragoon

    Fantastic episode. It finally did what should’ve been done at the end of last season. Sad to see Hershel go, but I’d rather it be him than Michonne.

  • djblack1313

    this episode (and i haven’t used this word for this show since season 1) was amazing!!!!!! so much happens in this ep and it’s BIG things/BIG reveals (it’s a safe bet Carol didn’t kill that couple. it was the psycho young girl. Carol just helped cover it up for her). i feel like i’ve been kicked in the stomach. Hershel’s death (even though maybe a minute before it happened i knew it was coming) completely devastated me. i loved Hershel.


    i really like Lily & her sister (the lesbian, i can’t remember her name). i hope we see them on the show again. the only real complaint i have with this ep was Lily letting her daughter play that far away (and in nasty looking muck/mud). that part of the script/writing was lazy/lame but everything in the ep was excellent.

    oh and Chandler Riggs’s (Carl) acting when he & Rick discover Judith was gone/dead was amazing (the first time i’ve ever been blown away by his actin!).

    • PedJun

      Totally agree with you mate!

      What an awesome episode. And your theory about Carol makes more sense now, after they found out that rat/rabbit cut open in the basement right before the Governor’s attack. She was gone, so she couldn’t have done that. That leaves the psycho blond kid… who perhaps Carol was covering up.

      Hershel’s death was somewhat predictable as he smiled after Rick’s speech. I believe he was happy to see that man in front of him talking of change. Having said that, did you notice one of the last zombies entering the prison? It was Clara, the crazy chick Rick found in the woods in the first or second episode. She went way saying ‘You can’t get away from the things you did’…

      Lilly and her sister will surely come up again along the way. Now, the parenting skills of the older woman are quite pathetic… And baby Judith? Who would leave a baby alone in the middle of the prison? Damn you kids!!

      • djblack1313

        PedJun, YES!! i totally recognized Irish(?) Clara! that was a great flourish they included her.

  • weresmurf

    These last 8 episodes, have been the apology from AMC to the fans that everyone has been needing since the turd that was season 2 and the slap in the face that was the back end of season 3.

    Essentially a remake of the 2nd half of season 3, I have found season 4’s first half, to be profoundly good. I love how each character had an episode dedicated to their development, I loved how it was no longer the Daryl&Rick show. I adore how Scott Gimple just knows how to knock each and every goddamn episode out of the park and bring this show up to the quality where it needs to be.

    It annoyed me when people were talking about the Governors redemption episodes. The Governor was never, ever being redeemed. It was showing he was BEYOND redemption, that he can hide all he wants, but in the end his true nature would always shine through. I just adore this season so much so far.

    The casting has been spot on, the character building has been fantastic. Governor 2.0 was AMAZING, in 3 episodes he was The Governor moreso from the comics, than he ever was in ANY episode of season 3.

    That final shot, that very final shot was lifted directly from the prison arc in the comics, it was perfect. The show doesn’t have to be a note for note recreation of the comic, but I’m glad it is now, finally following the framework, giving us a better story, a better set of dialogue, a much better hour each week to enjoy.

    Because each week, I used to say ‘Oh the walking deads on. Ok may as well watch it.’ Now? Now Im saying… OH THE WALKING DEADS ON!!!! SHIT WE BETTER WATCH IT!’ To me, that’s the biggest thing it’s achieved. It went from must see tv (season 1) to might see (season 2) to disappointing tv (back end season 2 to nearly all season 3) back up to MUST see TV (season 4).

    Massive rounds of applause for Scott Gimple and AMC for pulling this off this season. Amazing work. Amazing.

    • djblack1313

      weresmurf, WORD.FOR.WORD. i agree w/ every single thing you just said. season 4 is EXCELLENT and i couldn’t agree more that ssn 4 was what season 3B should have been. i love the first half of season 3 (didn’t care for the 2nd half) and if they had had these past 8 eps as the 2nd half of ssn 4, it would have been the best season yet. as of now i still love ssn 1 the most but season 4 (thus far!) is very close to it.

      i can’t wait for Carol to return. i adore Melissa McBride. 🙂

  • Taboo

    What an amazing episode! This season has been pretty consistent and by far my favorite. It was sad to see Hershall go and I’m so happy the Governor is dead.

    • weresmurf

      Indeed, especially after that amazing episode with Hershel curing everyone. ‘He’s a hard bastard…’ ‘He is.’ ‘You’re a hard bastard.’ ‘I am.’

      Loved that episode so much, but I knew then for some reason, that Hershel would (COMICS SPOILER)take Tyrese place on the end of Michonnes sword. But *what a death*…

      If they can keep this pace up, I’m all in. With the introduction of Abraham, Eugene and Rosita in the next 8 episodes, hopefully the Cannibal storyline and then the Hilltop?

      Holy shit we’re in for a treat.

  • Darkness69

    What an amazing episode!!! I’m left to wonder if Judith is dead (can’t believe those kids would leave her alone? Would they?) until February!!! What a torture!

    • djblack1313

      Darkness69, that’s a good point. i don’t see the 2 girls leaving Judith there alone. although there seemed to be blood in/around the baby seat.

    • wildgator25

      The death of Judith in the comic was when Lilly shot Lori and Judith as they were trying to leave with Rick and Carl. When the mad scramble went on over who was left to get on the bus, this led me to believe that Beth would be the one who gets shot by the lesbian’s girlfriend as she was rescuing Judith. But with Beth leaving with Daryl, and Judith nowhere in site…. who the fuck knows what has happened. Maybe Carol swooped in at the last minute to rescue her “girls”. That would be some exciting shit wouldn’t it?!

      • djblack1313

        wildgator, i can’t wait for Carol to return to the show/group. i love Melissa McBride. 🙂

        • wildgator25

          I was kinda meh when she left but damn would her story not be interesting since she’s been gone?

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