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[TV] “The Walking Dead” Shocker! Go Behind-the-Scenes Of Tonight’s Finale!

Spoiler Warning: We’ve hit the halfway point of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”, which picks back up after a bloody prison brawl in 2014.

Since we don’t have a preview of the next episode, we’ll look back at tonight’s explosive finale that left audiences shocked with the loss of one of their favorite characters.

In “Making of Episode 408 The Walking Dead: Too Far Gone”, the cast and crew take you behind the scenes of the mid-season finale.

Going further “Inside” the episode, The Governor and Rick come face to face again.

In a new “Talked About Scene,” Michonne and The Governor meet again.

Lastly, AMC has shared a special look at Hershel Greene’s journey on “The Walking Dead”.

What did you guys think of the big stunner? Tell us below.




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