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New Slipknot Album Taking Priority Over Stone Sour For Guitarist

Hard rock band Stone Sour has taken to their Facebook page to announce that guitarist Jim Root will not be touring with the group during winter as he will be focusing on writing material for the next Slipknot album.

With an impending Slipknot album on the horizon, Jim will not be touring with Stone Sour this winter. Everyone involved is okay with the decision and our mutual friend Christian Martucci (The Chelsea Smiles) will be filling in on guitar. It was a difficult decision, but as the fans have wanted another Stone Sour tour and Jim had responsibilities to the writing process with Slipknot, we feel this is the best decision where everyone wins.

The new album will mark the first new release since 2008’s All Hope Is Gone. Who’s read for some more ‘Knot?



  • Chainsaw Graphics

    Good, maybe at least the guitars on this next album will be good. Now if they could just get the old Corey back, instead of this pop singing sissy that has been on the last couple of Slipknot albums version of Corey.

  • Kainrich

    I’d of thought Corey would have been an essential part of the new album process, too. Guess not.

    @chainsaw I understand the dislike people have for the “change” in Coreys vocals over the years. Personally I think Vol3 and AllHope are their best albums, and I wasn’t quite a StoneSour fan either but their last 2 albums blow me away. If that makes me a fan of pop then sign me up.

    It’s good to see their attempting a new album. Figured All Hope Is Gone wouldve been their last considering the loss of Grey. It wouldve been a fitting end imo.


    Hell yeah, can’t wait to hear some new Slipknot!!! Hoping that they take a heavier stride like Iowa but I’m always up for another Vol.3 too

  • Voorhees83

    Since Corey gets all his pussy side out in Stone Sour, I expect the new Slipknot album to be balls to the wall. It’s pretty sad when I walk into my local grocery store and hear “Looking Through The Glass” now and then come out to my car to hear a song of self titled or Iowa.

  • violentdope

    this is great glad to see jim puttin it down for the knot..stone sour has had their shine lately..need some new your fuckin minds to doesnt have to be always brutal and screaming…slipknot mixes it up very well and are a great band.

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