[Now Playing] 'Alan Wake' Episode 6 - Bloody Disgusting!

[Now Playing] ‘Alan Wake’ Episode 6

In the sixth episode of our Alan Wake playthrough, I embrace my inner Crow Hitler by wiping out every one of those feathered bastards that decides to fly into my personal bubble. With flashlight and flaregun in hand, I unleash light-flavored whoopassery upon those murders until none are left. If that sounds like a merry time, you should definitely consider checking out the video I have waiting for you after the jump. Do it for the families of the crows I’ve slain…

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  • TheDeadman19

    You should do a Dark Souls walkthrough next. I love me some Dark Souls 😉

    • Adam Dodd

      I LOVE that game, it’s definitely on the list! 🙂