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Meet the New Sarah Connor For ‘Terminator’ Reboot!

The studio has selected Emilia Clarke to play Sarah Connor in the Terminator reboot, re-teaming with director Alan Taylor, who has worked with Clarke in the HBO series “Game Of Thrones,” says Deadline.

Clarke joins Jason Clarke, who is in negotiations to play her son John Connor in a storyline they’ve heard involved a trip into the future. Arnold Schwarzenegger is also back in his signature cyborg role.

Paramount will release the film in July 2015.



  • Just as long as shes not portrayed as lame as she is on G.O.T.

  • jaxx367

    Love her!!! She will be the perfect Sarah Conner. Great news, super exited!!!

  • Lion7718

    I’ll see it just for her…but that still doesn’t mean the movie will be any good….lol

  • djblack1313

    wait, so the baby dragon is playing Sarah Connor?

    kidding. i’m happy with them casting Emilia! 🙂

  • When it comes to Sarah Connor, Linda Hamilton & Lena Headey are > everyone else.

    Not trying to shit on the new pick, but she’s got some big shoes to fill.

  • CaptainHowdee

    I hate to be one of those people who judges remakes before they’re released, but they really should have stopped making Terminator movies back when it still had dignity.

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