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‘DayZ’ Has Finally Arrived On Steam Early Access

Not content to spend time with your grandparents over the holidays? Could you care less that their finest moments are behind them and their only remaining sense of glee can be found in the presence of their family? I get it, and thankfully, the makers of DayZ do too.

If you’ve been itching for the sweet escape that is arguably gaming’s most unforgiving apocalyptic zombie survival simulator, now you can get DayZ — in its current state (unfinished, not feature complete) — on Steam. Just don’t expect too much from the game, lest you find yourself coming away from it disappointed.



  • PatrickxJonathan

    The animations are still so bad.

    • Adam Dodd

      Don’t forget, it’s still far from finished! The animations will likely be something they polish up closer to its “official” launch.

    • ChildoftheKoRn

      Visuals over gameplay, ah the modern gamer. Willing to sacrifice innovation over the slightest nuance of “ugly”.

  • djblack1313

    i’m not a gamer but i guess this looks ok. i admit i’ll sound like a wuss for saying this but i’m all for killing zombies/monsters/etc but i’m not into the human on human killing (like at :33 in this video, with the tied up people on the their stomachs being shot in the head). just my opinion. 🙂

    • Adam Dodd

      Yeah, that’s kept me from really getting into this game, too. That ‘bandit mindset’ that many players embrace can be a little unsettling to witness, even in a game.

      • djblack1313

        Adam, i’m glad i’m not alone on this. i like the visuals in this video/game but that one part i mentioned was a turn off.

        • ChildoftheKoRn

          Although there are plenty of “shoot first ask questions later” players we’ve encountered several parties within our first hour of playing which were just cool to roll with. Not guaranteeing it will continue once everyone starts finding the item spawns.

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