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[TV] “The Walking Dead” Video Gives Tribute To “The Governor”

AMC released today a tribute video to “The Walking Dead’s” The Governor, where David Morrissey and the cast and crew look back on the rise and fall of The Governor, one of the show’s greatest villains.

On New Year’s Eve day, December 31, at 9am ET/PT, AMC will air a two-day marathon of “The Walking Dead.”

Beginning with the pilot, episodes will air back-to-back in chronological order until 5am ET on January 2, 2014.



  • djblack1313

    Morrissey is a good actor but i’m so fucking glad The former Gov. is GONE/DEAD!!! he should have been killed in the finale of season 2. his side story of what he’d been doing since Woodbury’s collapse was unnecessary IMO and had little to no impact on how the admittedly AWESOME mid-season finale played out.

    i am cautiously optimistic that the 2nd half of season 4 will be as good (if not better) than season 4 has been.

  • Canucklehead

    @dj…fair enough but I would suggest that his actions were the catalyst for how the entire first half of the season played out. Without him going kookoo bananas there wouldn’t have been a prison invasion. I quite enjoyed watching him take control of yet another group, although I wish it would have unfolded over a longer period of time as it felt a little forced. Sure didnt take him long to convince that group to invade the prison did it?

    • djblack1313

      Canucklehead, (i meant to add in my initial post) i didn’t hate the Gov (meeting his new “family”) scenes or anything. in fact they were kind of interesting. it’s just odd that when the mid-season finale happened (again, one of the best hours of TV i’ve ever seen and easily one of the best eps of TWD ever) those characters (from Gov’s storyline) had almost no emotional impact for me. although i DO like the surviving mother and her lesbian sister.

      • Canucklehead

        Thanks @dj….I understand your point. Like so many other movies or shows there are always throw away characters whose only purpose is to take up screen space. Go all the way back to the original Star Trek where anyone of those dudes in a red shirt were guaranteed not to make it back to the ship. I do agree with you aboot the sisters, they were feisty and I hope they stick around.

  • Wolfx

    I’ll probably get called all kinds of names but i actually think that the Governor will be back. I don’t think he’s dead.
    With this tribute they are trying to make us believe he is.
    But did we really see him die? Yes he got chestraped by a samurai but he was still alive. He was supposedly shot in the head. But why would they decide to do it off screen? We never see the bullet enter his head or any part of his body.
    Far less important characters were shot on screen, why wouldn’t they do that with one of the most evil characters in the show?
    I think he’ll make a surprise comeback for one last big fight with Rick or Michonne before dying a horrible death like in the comic. Well if i’m wrong the fucker got away real easy after the shit he pulled.

    • Canucklehead

      Had the same thought Wolfy but might just be that for an actor of that caliber the producers agreed not to show his head getting blown off.

      • Wolfx

        You could be right. But Morrissey did some pretty nasty shit in the show so far. I don’t think he would mind a bullet entrance wound between the eyes. Anywat i just saw on IMDB that he’s listed as The Governor in episodes
        409, 412 and 416. I’ve got a feeling my prediction will come true after all. I’m guessing episode 416 will have an amazing final fight to the death.

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