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Watch The Full ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Two Debut Episode, ‘All That Remains’

If for some reason you’d rather not play the premiere episode of Telltale’s The Walking Dead season two, I recorded my playthrough of it and slapped it on YouTube for easy viewing. Though I’d highly recommend watching it yourself, maybe making tough decisions gives you stress hives and a sweaty brow. No one likes a sweaty brow. In that case, enjoy watching me make all the difficult decisions in my playthrough, which you can find after the jump.

If you’d rather find out if this is an episode worth getting without enduring the numerous spoilers in the following playthrough, you can check out my review.



  • spaulding187

    thanks but i won’t watch this i have to experience it myself… is it out already ?

    • Valostar

      Yes it’s been out for awhile now, and it is fucking fantastic. They really continue to hold nothing back and put Clementine through the ringer (multiple times) in episode 1.

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