[Sundance ’14] Holy Crap ‘Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead’ Teaser Trailer!

  • Metal-Frank

    I love this guys laugh… looking forward to this.

  • weresmurf

    Oh DAMN loving the (right) hook for this movie! 😀

    Count me in! Loved the original so much!!!

  • tbaio

    Like an even more twisted version of Body Parts. Looking forward to this.

  • diapers

    An easy out would have been to create a very generic sequel and repeat the formula of the first. I’m pleased of the left field approach for part 2. Holding my breath…

  • Canucklehead

    @diapers….agreed the first one was so much fun and I would have hated to see them simply remake it. This looks just as freaky and despite my general disdain for the sequel definitely looking forward to this

  • djblack1313

    WOW! i was already excited for this movie (i LOVE the first film) but the whole arm thing….VERY AWESOME! i can’t wait!

    • weresmurf

      It always works best when they ‘create’ a hero for these kinds of movies I think, who has some sort of angle to him. Ash with his chainsaw arm for instance. This guy with his undead super-arm will be awesome I reckon 😀 SO looking forward to this in 2014 now 😀

  • woodchuck

    Hell yeah! I only watched the first one once back when it first came out, I think I’m going to have revisit that one then I will definitely be stoked for Red vs Dead! I figured from the title it was going to be about Russian WWII zombie soldiers vs Nazi zombies like an undead Stalingrad re-enactment or something, but this looks awesome too