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Review: “Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight” # 4

The orgy of sex and death continues in the second and final blood soaked chapter of “Prison Ship Antares.” “Grindhouse: Doors Open At Midnight” is the only place where you can get this much cheap nudity, gore, and rollicking action. Alex De Campi stuffs the issue to the brim while Simon Fraser brings her insane vision to life.

WRITTEN BY: Alex De Campi
ART BY: Simon Fraser
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: December 31, 2013

I can’t say enough great things about this series. It honestly cuts out all of the fluff from its stories and is purely designed to entertain. The result is an adventure you could only find in a piss soaked dollar-theater in the seventies and De Campi knows it. The insane pacing only compliments the crazy narrative.

It takes about three pages this month. Yes, just three for the shit to hit the fan. From there the issue doesn’t have a page without nudity or gore. The book is all the better for it. The ladies break free in an orgy of nudity and death pushing to kill the warden. All the expected ship stranded in space tropes show up, but De Campi doesn’t linger on them long enough to become distracting.

Simon Fraser seems to revel in drawing scantily clad women. There is hardly a page in this issue without an exposed breast. He handles himself with a certain confidence that allows a barrage of naked women taking down a fleet of android prison guards to occupy a whole page with ease. I’m sure its what grindhouse directors from the seventies actually dreamed of.

Together the team of Fraser and De Campi achieve things that other efforts in the genre can only scoff at. The beauty of the book is its ability to go over the top without ever feeling like too much. Such is the essence of Grindhouse Cinema.

The insanely fast pacing may be an issue for some readers; however, I found it to be completely refreshing. Often stories like these spend time developing flat relationships. De Campi makes the motivations clear and established high stakes from the get go. The goals of the women here are clear, and no time is wasted in seizing their victory.

These shorter arcs actually push De Campi to create incredibly tight adventures that serve only one purpose: to shock and entertain. Okay, so that’s two purposes. But still. It’s fucking incredible. Your jaw will probably hit the floor a time or two while reading this book, and that’s a great thing.

There is no concern with straddling the line, or playing to conservative values. Instead we are treated to a batshit crazy story that is an indulgent as these exploitation films get.

This is the type of book your parents would have had to buy in some scum ridden porno dungeon, but Dark Horse is brave enough to have it on the stands every week. This is a damn good thing, so we best all embrace it. God knows I have.

Rating: 4.5/5 Skulls.



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