Read Rick Remender's "Fear Agent" #1 for FREE! - Bloody Disgusting!

Read Rick Remender’s “Fear Agent” #1 for FREE!


As a fantastic new year’s gift Dark Horse Comics and Rick Remender (“Black Science” “Uncanny Avengers”) have given Bloody-Disgusting the first issue of the acclaimed series “Fear Agent” to post for your reading pleasure.

“Fear Agent” features alcoholic Texan roughneck Heath Houston as the last remaining Fear Agent. The series is notable for its emphasis on balls to the wall action, insane creatures, and complete disregard for actual science. It was designed to be a tribute to the medium, break all the rules, and even make a few of its own.

Tony Moore brings the entire thing to life. Razor sharp lines an incredible attention to detail permeate every page. The rougher edges of the space are depicted with a certain Moore sheen that makes them feel weathered and decrepit. This is a galaxy that has seen some shit.

If you’re a fan of excellent, fun science fiction, or you’ve just read “Black Science” and are eager for more then “Fear Agent” is the book for you. Hit the jump to read the entire first issue!

Fear Agent_Issue_1_Re-Ignition