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Why Aren’t You Watching “Rick and Morty”?!

Airing every Monday on Adult Swim is “Rick and Morty”, a new animated cartoon inspired by Back to the Future.

Each week the show takes a classic movie – such as Jurassic Park and Planet of the Apes – and spins it into a nightmarish tale.

The animated television series was created by “Community’s” Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland.

Roiland voices the eponymous main characters Rick, a scientist and alcoholic, and Morty, Rick’s grandson, as Rick proves himself to be a negative influence on Morty and his family.

Rick is a mentally-unbalanced but scientifically-gifted old man who has recently reconnected with his family. He spends most of his time involving his young grandson Morty in dangerous, outlandish adventures throughout space and time. Compounded with Morty’s already-unstable family life, these events cause Morty much distress at home and school.- wiki

Watch one of the episodes below!



  • WineandWatch

    I don’t watch a lot of Adult Swim but my roommate made me watch the first 2 episodes of this and I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s really funny! Glad you put Anatomy Park as the episode here because that’s my favorite episode so far (followed by the Inception spoof with the killer dogs).

  • Golic

    because it’s not funny.

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