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What’s One Horror Movie You Hate That Everyone Else Loves?

You know the feeling. You’ve heard about this one movie forever. Everyone loves it. “What? You haven’t seen ‘The Best Horror Movie Ever Made’?! How can you call yourself a fan? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!!!”

“Fine,” you figure. You cave. You track down the movie and… not only do you not like it, you’re kind of mad at everyone for giving you a hard time about it. What were they thinking? I wrote about this a few months ago when I polled you guys on Event Horizon. I was on the cusp of revisiting the film then and I wanted to take your temperature on it. An overwhelming 81% of you clicked on the “I Love It” tab in our poll. 15.57% of you were mixed and only 3.41% of you “hated” it. Well, I finally watched it again and I didn’t love it. I wasn’t even mixed. Keeping in check with the positivity I’m trying to bring into 2014, I’m going to refrain from going ballistic on it and will instead simply say I disliked it. It had some cool images here and there, but the whole thing still feels chintzy to me. I just can’t get my head around where the psychological purchase point is that allows the film to support the weight of expectation placed on it.

That doesn’t mean you guys that loved it are wrong! In fact, you’re in pretty good company! Even Gravity director Alfonso Curaron really likes it. It just means that I, for whatever reason, don’t connect with the zeitgeist in this particular instance. This happens occasionally, and reminds us that we are all special snowflakes. I even know some people who hate Jaws… actually there’s something definitely wrong with those people. We can disagree all you want but you’re not allowed to hate Jaws. That’s the one case where you’d be factually wrong.

How about you guys? What are some films that you just “don’t get” that everyone else seems to love?




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