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Review: ‘The X-Files / Ghostbusters: Conspiracy’ #1

Another crossover? It’s only January and we’re starting another line-wide crossover? “The X-Files / Ghostbusters: Conspiracy” #1 thankfully bucks the trend of underwhelming chapters and delivers a solid chapter in what looks like a fun multi-title event from IDW Publishing. Bigger and more prominent publishing companies should take note of how to do these types of stories effectively.

WRITTEN BY: Erik Burnham
ART BY: Salvador Navarro
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: 22 January 2014

The Lone Gunmen from “X-Files” lore are on an urban myth road trip after getting ominous orders from Mulder and Scully. Their first stop is to debunk some con artists claiming to have a service to get rid of ghosts. We all know and love them as The Ghostbusters! Writer Erik Burnham lets the voices of all of these characters ring true to what fans know and love. There’s bickering, teasing, paranoia chit-chatting and all the other beats we expect to hear from both sets of characters bumping into each other here.

Artist Salvador Navarro shows some ability to stretch with the two worlds colliding here. The Lone Gunmen seem more realistically drawn and maybe a little photo-reference stiff for my taste. By contrast, The Ghostbusters, Slimer, and the guys seem more natural. Maybe it’s because the two series are decades apart so artists can have more creative flexibility when showing us the gang with the proton packs and the ghosts and ghouls they deal with. Maybe realism is required more for “The X-Files” realm than it is when you show men shooting lightning at ghosts and shoving them into shoe boxes.

Once again, I’m pleasantly surprised to discover something new and fun in comics shops this week. “The X-Files / Ghostbusters: Conspiracy” #1 has definitely got me interested to see how this road trip across the IDW world plays out. It’s exactly the kind of event book I think (and hope) people enjoy more and more. It’s got familiar characters mixing it up, the artwork is pretty spot on, and the thread linking them all together is simple yet effective. I imagine this being an enjoyable tale which everyone can hop onto and follow wherever this conspiracy takes us readers.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Your Friendly Neighborhood Brady



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