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The 2014 Grammy Awards Really Screwed The Pooch

Update: The Grammys are now taking down every video that shows the Nine Inch Nails/Queens Of The Stone Age performance.

The 2014 Grammy Award ceremony has come and gone. For this section, the only real positive thing to make mention of is that Black Sabbath won “Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance” for their track “God Is Dead?”. Congratulations to Ozzy and the rest of the band as 13 is a badass album and a total throwback to the glorious days of doomy heavy metal.

But let’s talk about some serious botches that should have the producers begging to keep their jobs. First of all, during the ‘In Memoriam’ segment, which highlights the deaths of musicians in the past year, Clive Burr (ex-drummer of Iron Maiden) and Jeff Hanneman (guitarist of Slayer) were both omitted from the video. These two musicians were both in high profile bands that revolutionized their respective subgenre (and I should mention that Slayer has won two Grammy awards). To omit them is incredibly disrespectful and highlights how little the popular music world sees the metal and hard rock community.

Next, can we talk about how the ceremony ended by cutting off the stellar mashup performance of Trent Reznor (along with all of Nine Inch Nails), Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Lindsay Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac), and Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age)? What was supposed to be a 10 minute performance was chopped in half when the producers deemed that the ceremony had gone on way too long and simply cut to commercials. Reznor and fellow NIN member Alessandro Cortini took to Twitter to voice their feelings and people who had been anxiously awaiting this once in a lifetime supergroup performance were left horribly disappointed. You can read Reznor and Cortini’s tweets below as well as see the first half of the performance.

What a mockery and what a shame. The Grammys should be ashamed of themselves.



  • oneofthosedeadfckers

    Metallica’s performance was phoned-in garbage. I totally agree about them not including Clive Burr or Jeff Hanneman in the in memoriam section. Also, was it just me or was this year’s grammy’s a bigger circlejerk than last year’s?

  • Mr.Mirage

    While I find most award shows to be pointless and self-indulgent (dare I? Yes: I dare; Mindless Self-Indulgence), the wife had this on while I was sliding away to slumber. I sat bolt upright to watch Nils Rodgers, Stevie Wonder and Daft Punk remind me that this world is worth dancing for and am so very VERY happy that I missed this travesty. Lindsey Buckingham belongs on your playlist. All of his solo work is brilliant, and yes, here he is with his trimmed back and white Jack Nance Eraserhead hair fucking *setting the god damned pace* for those damn kids.

    Public announcement: Trent, you really need to just fuck the Grammys, never set foot within a light year from those pricks and record with Mr. B. Make it fucking happen, I heard enough here to say: just do it, just release it and by God and sonny Jesus I will purchase and listen the fuck out of it!


    This was definitely the highlight f*ck-up moment of the night. The performance caught me off guard as I wasn’t expecting anything grand BUT IT WAS! And then the commercials came in and I said out loud “Wait… what the hell?!” It was truly a disrespectful moment. Regardless of whether or not the show went over their timeslot they should have kept rolling. Everyone tuned in for the Grammys… no one gives a sh!t about what comes on after the Grammys, so why worry about the timeslot at all?

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