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‘This Is A Trent Reznor Song’ Is A Pretty Hilarious Spot On Parody

Musician Freddy Scott posted a parody track yesterday entitled “This Is A Trent Reznor Song”, which pokes fun at how Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor writes music. The music is very similar to the recent single “Copy Of A”, which comes from Hesitation Marks.

Scott has stated that he is a “super huge fan” of Reznor, so this is just to be taken as a lighthearted poke. Head on down to check it out!



  • Voorhees83

    Hahahaha. That was a good parody. For as much as I like NIN, the new stuff sounds very mediocre and ready for retirement….and that god awful happy ass song.

    • feck

      I love that happy ass song – reminds me of late 80’s college rock. Nice to see him do something different, lighten up a bit, and even show off some nice harmonies

      • Josh

        Really the vocals were the worst part of it for me. My problems with it aren’t that its “happy” I just don’t think its that good of a song in general. The remix that has been put out sounds like a middle eastern cat wailing. It’s bad.

      • Voorhees83

        NIN is one of my favorite bands of all time first of all. When I put Pretty Hate Machine and Downward Spiral (one of the darkest albums of all time) on and then go to Hesitation Marks, it practically disgusts me and just seems that they lost the edge they used to have. I didn’t hate the album, but it was very average.

        NIN is supposed to be a dark band. Please no more happy ass songs.

  • Josh

    I like hesitation marks a lot. Without “Everything” splitting it into two its a lot better.

    I really don’t know why he included that track. He’s openly talked about how it was never really intended to part of anything else (Everything and Satellite were intended as extra tracks for a best of album)

    The new songs were all really good live as well. Including backup singers and Pino Palladino made for an interesting experience.

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