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The Second Half Of ‘BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea’ Is Significantly Longer Than The First

If you were left unsatisfied by the brevity of the first half of BioShock Infinite’s Rapture-based single-player expansion Burial At Sea, its conclusion aims to remedy that by taking at least twice as long to complete. According to a tweet from Irrational Games co-founder and creative director Ken Levine, the second episode will take 5-6 hours to complete, if you’re a completionist who enjoys scouring every inch of Rapture.

Burial At Sea wasn’t nearly as beloved as the game it expanded upon — and for many, I don’t think its length was the real issue — but so long as there’s there’s content, characters, and storytelling to fill its longer running time, I’ll leave it a happy camper.

If you missed the bit of gameplay footage Irrational teased us with last month, you can — and should — watch it below.

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