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[BD Review] ‘Nurse 3D’ Delivers Tons of Boobs, Butts and Blood!

Doug Aarniokoski directed Animals, easily one of the worst horror movies to ever exist. I was shocked to find out he was hired to helm Nurse 3D for Lionsgate. Unsurprisingly, the film ended up on the Gate’s shelves for quite some time, only to be released on a limited platform this Friday. It made me wonder just how terrible it was – yet in a surprise twist, Nurse 3D turns out to be an absolutely fantastic horror film that’s jam-packed with boobs, butts and blood! Personally, I found Aarniokoski had accidentally tapped into an interesting pulp-like fantasy world that any horror fan would enjoy. Evan Dickson, too, was a pretty huge fan…

Your life as a horror fan won’t be complete if you don’t see Nurse 3D,” Dickson explains in his review. “I’m not entirely sure it’s a good film, and I’m not entirely sure that its makers intended it to be good but it is a true delight in every sense of the word. Endlessly quotable, hilariously bloody and cavalierly clothed – I can’t imagine a group of people sitting down to see this thing and not having a good time.

My favorite bit of Evan’s review is: “The movie takes you back to the sensation of sneaking downstairs while your parents are asleep to watch your first “R” rated movie and it achieves it simply by being so left of center that none of the behavior in the film is recognizable as human.

You can read his entire review by clicking the link above. DO NOT miss this horror gem!




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