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Waiter, There’s Some Cthulhu In My Horror MMORPG



If that title made you cringe, just be glad I didn’t go with either of my first choices, which would’ve gone something like Mmm, This Horror MMORPG Tastes Like Cthulhu or Ph’ngluiae R’lyeh mglw’naph Cthulhu wah’naghj fhtagnaph.

One developer has decided it’s a smart idea to lure Cthulhu out of whatever distant Hell realm he usually resides in so they could drop him ever so gently into the realm of MMORPGs. The result is a horror MMO powered by CryEngine 2 called Monria. It’s both free-to-play and gives you the opportunity to turn your in-game earnings into real money, if you’re into that. Get familiar with it after the jump.

If teaming up with some friends to take down Cthulhu sounds like a good time, you can play it here. Monria is currently seeking distribution on Steam, you can help it out by gifting it with a vote on Steam Greenlight.

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