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[BD Review] ‘RoboCop’ Carries Decent Action, Zero Gore…

I just recently caught up with AMC’s “The Killing”, which became one of my new favorite shows. Joel Kinnaman is easily one of the greatest television characters in the history of the small screen, so good in fact that it got me overly pumped for RoboCop, where he stars as the new Alex Murphy. Buzz has actually been mixed-positive on the reboot of the 1987 classic – even our own Evan Dickson agrees stating that “The biggest sin of the new RoboCop is that it’s called RoboCop.

Still, “Ultimately, Jose Padilha’s RoboCop is [just] “fine.” In fact, it does an impressive job of negating over a year of bad press and negative speculation,” Dickson adds in his review. “On more than one occasion I even found myself impressed and engaged by what the film was doing. It’s just hard not to notice when something good chooses to walk in the footsteps of something great.

One major goose-egg for us Bloody readers is that “Unfortunately, the things I truly love about the 1987 RoboCop are almost entirely missing here…while there’s some decent action, there is absolutely zero gore.

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  • Nurse Derpusheen

    Awww, no gore? I was thinking about going to see it. I was iffy since I was thinking it wouldn’t follow in the footsteps of the great 1987 version… I think this is a deal breaker… 🙁

  • Nurse Derpusheen

    Aww, no gore? I was thinking about seeing it, but if it doesn’t have gore, it might be a deal breaker.

    • terrogore

      I’m gonna see it but I don’t have to like it! I already knew to expect this from the fact that I believe he uses a taser on humans :(. Just sucks cause it could have been really good with some violence.

      • Nurse Derpusheen

        Exactly, I noticed the taser, I was like ehhhhh… but hearing that there was no gore… kinda broke my heart. I don’t want to watch it and have it ruin a perfectly good movie (1987 version)

        • terrogore

          IMO opinion bring it on, the original will never be tarnished for me. I think the blow had been padded by the fact I knew it was pg 13 for a while now and I’m used to it from this day and age. I think the biggest offender is it just being called “Robocop” I guess it’s the same mentality for me as Robocop 3 I just don’t even consider it part of the franchise.

          Btw , if your into comics their is a 8 part series in stores now soon to be on TPB I believe which is the original source material from frank miller for robo 3 before it was raped. ITS SO SWEET.

          Robo does not have an exchangeable arm cannon he just gets an entire overhaul where he can change his formation cyborg style from justice league XD

          • Nurse Derpusheen

            Oh, I’ll check out the comic series. sounds interesting :3 thanks

  • Polsdofer

    Yes because that’s how we grade movie is by the amount of gore their is in films, that’s why Evil Dead gets and A+ and the Avengers gets and F. You do know Robocop isn’t actually a horror film right? It’s not like Alex Murphy carries around a machete, which come to think of it would be fucking scary.

    • djblack1313

      @Polsdofer, i understand where you’re coming from but using EVIL DEAD & THE AVENGERS as examples is way off base. most people don’t go into AVENGERS expecting extreme violence/gore.

    • MachineGunGandhi

      •Seeing as how gore was a staple of the original Robocop film, I’d say Yes, the amount of gore *is* an important factor of the Robocop movie. Alex Murphy’s death in the original film was brutal and uncompromising. Having his hand blown off by Red Foreman with a shotgun was a defining moment in that scene. Watching the henchman undergo mutation after being exposed to toxic waste and begin to painfully melt only to get splattered by a car is also another gory and memorable scene from that same film.

      •Avengers is a fantastic Disney movie.
      • Robocop didn’t need a machete because he used his interface needle to stab people with.

    • doomas10

      I saw much disagree with you. Evil Dead was overrated because it was proper gore and something that kinda stood out in the pile of PG-13 horror movies and remakes. It was good but not great. Taking an already r-rated film and tuning it down off its key themes – violence, satire, just does not work. He is half man, half machine – thus the brutal methods and in addition, he is a cop in a terrible city where crime thrives. The more brutal the actions, the more brutal the consequences. Watching flashy effects in a shiny new remake does not cut it for me. But each one to their own. If this is your thing, hey who am I to disagree?

      • terrogore

        Fully agreed, the violence is the vehicle which gives it passion and a proper motivation. This version of Detroit seems pretty tamed in comparison.

        • doomas10

          I am off watching it next week thus my expectations are kinda low. Who knows? I may like more than I think but that rarely has happened to me.

          • doomas10

            I do not know what I was writing – I was in another forum for devil’s due and posted it here-epic fail!

  • dirtyghettok

    Meh, if I want to watch a zero gore stylish Robo-Cop I’ll just smoke a ton of herb and watch Tron Legacy.

    • Nurse Derpusheen


  • Canucklehead

    I wouldn’t go see this with your money.

  • doomas10

    Again are we that surprised? Why everyone is acting “Oh no, no gore”? It has a PG-13 rating! Hello??? Without trying to be a bellend, Robocop was a truly great film with clever satire now ultimately…teenified again by Hollywood with slick special effects and terrible designs. And that hand….that f****** hand, who thought it was great? Who??????????? And for the record saw this on Friday. Just awful, flat out awful.

    • tbaio

      Totally agree here. The news that this movie was going to be PG-13 rated should have solidified the fact that gore was going to be absent. Why the surprise??

  • spaulding187

    Just got the Robocop original on blu ray 4k mastered, no gore? I’ll wait for this to come on showtime or starz

  • Nyghtfall

    What it lacked in gore it made up for in spades with a much richer, more engaging story.

  • terrogore

    Well I watched it today and actually it was really badass. It did something completely different with the story and did not try to impede on the original. I found it to be very thought provoking and when they open him up…wow That was actually kind of hard to watch! so little left of him.

    I found all the casting and the acting to be Top notch! Keaton, Haley, Kinnaman, Oldman and Jackson Killed it. I’d def lioke to see a sequel where he fights a crazy cyborg. Good throwbacks to the original.

    I found it to be very emotionally gripping as well, especially around him and his family.

    about the lack of gore… There is none besides a little peppering of blood at the end. I think if they added gore and focused on the deaths instead of panning away. it would make this movie go from pretty sweet to fucking classic.
    yeah my 2 cents. I was highly entertained could have been better more violent but was far from shit.

  • Nurse Derpusheen

    I watched it… Oh dear god.. It was a waste of money…

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