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[BD Review] ‘RoboCop’ Carries Decent Action, Zero Gore…

I just recently caught up with AMC’s “The Killing”, which became one of my new favorite shows. Joel Kinnaman is easily one of the greatest television characters in the history of the small screen, so good in fact that it got me overly pumped for RoboCop, where he stars as the new Alex Murphy. Buzz has actually been mixed-positive on the reboot of the 1987 classic – even our own Evan Dickson agrees stating that “The biggest sin of the new RoboCop is that it’s called RoboCop.

Still, “Ultimately, Jose Padilha’s RoboCop is [just] “fine.” In fact, it does an impressive job of negating over a year of bad press and negative speculation,” Dickson adds in his review. “On more than one occasion I even found myself impressed and engaged by what the film was doing. It’s just hard not to notice when something good chooses to walk in the footsteps of something great.

One major goose-egg for us Bloody readers is that “Unfortunately, the things I truly love about the 1987 RoboCop are almost entirely missing here…while there’s some decent action, there is absolutely zero gore.

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