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Latest ‘IT’ Adaptation Could Be Worth the Wait!

I’ve been on a small screen kick lately, burning through series after series hoping to find my new obsession. While “The Killing” is one of my new fav series, HBO’s “True Detective” is looking to take it a step further. Even though the show’s incredible four episode debut is likely due to the talents of the writing staff, director Cary Fukunaga has still done an impressive job delivering his own style to the show.

It’s been awhile since we talked about the feature film adaptation of Stephen King’s “IT,” so here’s a reminder that Fukunaga was tapped to write and direct the second coming of Pennywise. While we wish it were his next feature, he’s unfortunately doing an indie first, and then likely revisiting King’s classic, the film’s producer, Dan Lin, tells Collider. Still, it’ll be worth the wait.

Cary Fukunaga is writing and directing Stephen King’s “It” for me, and I’m really excited for that,” explains Lin. “So I’m hoping that’ll be his next movie after the indie he’s shooting in Africa. So I love what he did with “True Detective.” I think it’s a great sample for Stephen King’s “It.” So I’m really excited about that.

The film follows a group of kids called the Losers Club that encounter a creature called It, which preys on children and whose favorite form is that of a sadistic clown called Pennywise. When the creature resurfaces, the kids are called upon to regroup again, this time as adults, even though they have no memory of the first battle.

The novel is set in 1958 and 1985, though the feature version will be set in the present day.



  • WolfQueen

    Hopefully you’re not TOO attached to the Killing. It’s been cancelled twice but Netflix has picked up the option to do a final 6 episodes to close out the series. The third season was superior to the first two, IMO. Joel Kinnaman is awesome!

    • wildgator25

      Yeah, I’m glad I waited until The Killing was “over” on AMC. I don’t think I could have taken the “it’s on/it’s over” back and forth this show went. It is a tremendous show, bearing in mind I have only watched the 1st season so far. It’s snowing like a son of a bitch here in South Carolina right now, so I hope to finish the rest of the episodes soon. GREAT SHOW!

  • Terry10Shakes

    Jim Carrey for Pennywise. Let’s make this shit happen people.

    • morrisseylikesburgers

      How about no.

      • gunhed

        Nicolas Cage, there is something creepy about him.

      • mobstar67

        second the No on Carrey

    • Mr.Mirage

      Carrey would be, at the least, consistently interesting, but I would prefer another comedian (whose alleged comic talents elude me) but has a deep running streak of rage that would be perfect for the part: Adam Sandler.

      For the record, I really really (repeat as often as needed) REALLY don’t care for his so-called comedy, but seeing his barely controlled Mr. Hyde in both The Wedding Singer and much more explosively in Punch Drunk Love… yeah, make him a clown, a happy, funny clown that just cannot wait to go full on rage Hulk monster on you. Because that is how things float down there.

  • Voorhees83

    Bring back Tim Curry. He’s perfectly capable of doing it again. Also, make it a sequel of some sort. Please no more damn remakes.

    • danpolydoris

      While I love Tim Curry, I’m not sure if a 67-year-old man will really strike much fear into the hearts of kids.

      • Voorhees83

        That certainly is an old age, but nothing a little exercise and make-up can’t fix. It’s not like Pennywise does jumping jacks in the movie. Maybe a little oldness will bring more creepiness to the table. Who knows? Clowns of all ages are creepy.

        He recently did the voice for Gingerclown in that movie called “Gingerclown 3d”. That was more of an animatronic deal though.

        • Ryan

          Pretty Sure he recently had a stroke as well, prob not up for something so physical.

  • wildgator25

    Hell, let Michael Shannon play Pennywise. I’ll be damned if he didn’t nail The Iceman role to a T.

  • DarrelDreadful

    If they can’t find someone to top Tim Curry then don’t do it.

  • djblack1313

    Mr.Disgusting, i too love THE KILLING (the US remake)! don’t forget that even though the show got canceled after season 3 (on AMC), we are getting a final season 4 that will air on Netflix! Linden & Holder rule!

  • drmodem

    There’s something about the innocence and nostalgia of 1958 Derry which was really quite frightening. If the feature is to be set now then I’m not sure how this is going to translate. If set in 2014 then the kids will be facing Pennywise in 1987! It would be interesting to see how a feature can be closer to the original book, in which case modern technology would help Pennywise manifest itself in its many forms. Either way I’m not entirely convinced it’s necessary!

  • Hillers

    Maybe it’s because I saw the original mini-series when I was just a kid, but it’ll be damn hard for the remake to follow suit. Tim Curry’s Pennywise was legend (“Kiss me, fat boy!”). And I don’t get the necessity for setting it in the present. The idea of the 1950s small town mindset corroborating with IT’s agenda is part and parcel of the story.

    • mobstar67

      agreed this does not to be taken into current times….
      I’m not looking forward to any modern cliches like the cell phone that gets no reception, culturally rounding out the cast so that all ethnicities and sexual orientations are accounted for…
      Its not often a TV miniseries borderlines legendary status so killing it with a big budget major motion picture would be really f^cked up..

  • Evan3

    My favorite part of the original was when that one bully gets folded in half and dragged into the sewer pipe. Second only to the girl watching as Pennywise explodes a blood-filled balloon in her sink and the girl’s a-hole dad blames her.

    Note that both scenes are from Part 1. I try not to think of how bad Part 2 was.

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