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‘Horde’ Director Kicks In ‘Goal of the Dead’!

While Variety reports that Films Distribution has enlisted a flurry of buyers for Goal of the Dead, the zombie soccer bloodbath helmed by Benjamin Rocher and Thierry Poiraud, we also have the first ever images for you Bloody readers!

The two-part film centers around a French Olympic football team who visits a small village in Northern France to play a crucial game in the run-up to the World Cup. But as the Apocalypse looms, an epidemic quickly spreads and transforms the players, spectators and inhabitants into strange and enraged creatures.

Goal is Rocher follow-up to the absolutely awful The Horde, and was acquired out of EFM by Metrodome (U.K.), Core Media Group (Germany), Korea (Line Tree), Hong Kong (Sundream), Turkey (Bir Film), Belgium (Cineart), as well as the Netherlands and Austria. It was previously acquired by Nikkatsu for Japan.



  • rezzz

    I’m actually looking forward to this. I actually enjoyed “The Horde”, it wasn’t the best but it was entertaining. Why didn’t you like it?

  • dirtyghettok

    Haven’t seen The Hord, but this seems to have a very Sean of the Dead look to it. And I’m hella down with that. Plus with all the gear they’re holding in the bottom shot, they may have invented a new sport that might just be fun to watch.

  • djblack1313

    HELL YES!! i really liked THE HORDE a lot. i’m in.

  • whatevtrev

    Well there’s absolutely no way the French Olympic team would be playing a ‘crucial’ game in the run up to the World Cup, but that minor blip aside, could be fun!

  • Mayday

    I liked The Horde. I am wondering what they mean about this being a 2-part film.

  • macguffin54

    Every day I lose more and more respect for this website. (Luckily, I come for the news not the opinions and editorial comments.) The Horde was a hugely fun, entertaining movie. Not surprised though, from the site that plugged Stitches, a complete waste if a decent premise, and All the a Boys Love Mandy Lane, the most unnecessary and over-hyped generic horror film in years. Plbbbt!

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