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Merrin’s ‘Doom Cinema’ Is A Must-Listen For Horror Fans

Yesterday I posted an article about horror synth band La Casa Di Omocidio. BD Infected user mr_ugli then left a comment that stated, “..if you enjoyed this, might I direct you over to the latest MERRIN ep, Doom Cinema.” Well, I’m always eager to hear what you readers suggest, so I hopped my ass over to the link he provided and popped on Merrin‘s Doom Cinema and eased back for a listen. And boy oh boy did he hit it right.

The 3-track EP clocks in at just under 20 minutes and is inspired by John Carpenter as well as Southern Gothic thrillers and giallo horror. According to the bandcamp description, “The individual tracks are accompanied by three short films, each exploring the prospective genre’s they are paying homage to…The specially crafted films will be available on a limited edition VHS tape, available in 2014.

The music is very atmospheric and is the perfect accompaniment to any horror event. I can see this being very effective in a haunted house. I also am very interested to know about these VHS tapes and what stories the music accompany!




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