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[Exclusive] We’re Premiering The Amazing “All Those Delicate Cuts” Video From Das Muerte

Late last year, I posted a teaser for Das Muerte‘s music video “All Those Delicate Cuts”, which is directed by the ever incredible Phil Mucci. Well, little did I know that I would be getting the opportunity to premiere the video for all of you! And honestly, it’s once again a testament to the fact that Mucci is one of the most inventive and innovative directors in the music industry today.

Influenced by The Shadow, Dick Tracy, and more, the video is a smorgasbord of amazing visuals with a wicked story, all set to the insanely strange yet catchy track. The song itself reminds me a bit of Mr. Bungle but even crazier, if you can imagine that.

The band comments, “Das Muerte has always focused on developing unique rock, blending styles and exploring outside-the-box music concepts. It was a match made in heaven for us to be working with a unique director like Phil Mucci and his Diabolik crew. Phil works his videos in the same experimental and daring way that we work our music. The intensity of his storyline was the cherry on top for our single, and we hope to turn this into a bigger continuing story with more videos to follow.

Head below to watch this incredible video and make sure to pick up Das Muerte’s EP 2 via iTunes.

Starring Brian Rohan (Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon) as G-Man Jerry Stewart
Ian Mackay (Pig Destroyer‘s “The Diplomat”) as Das Muerte
and introducing Angel Lin as Mei Tsui

Director Phil Mucci states, “I was really excited to work in the film noir world, and get totally surreal with the unsophisticated, blunt brutality of the genre. The song itself is a technical masterpiece, so I tried to let the complex transitions guide the pace of the narrative and set the tone for the maniacal performances. Angel really embraced her dark side, and it was downright heartwarming to behold. Our little psycho is all growed up now!

Angel Lin, who plays Mei Tsui, adds, “Having Phil Mucci believe in you is such a freakin’ honor, and being part of such an incredible cast really motivates you to bring his vision to life. I pushed myself like never before, completely stepping out of my comfort zone to play the femme fatale Mei Tsui. But I had a blast being the baddest bitch on the block!

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