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Review: “The Memory Collectors’ #3



“Do not confuse having your eyes open with being awake” Lapis tells Edith. And it’s immediately clear to me: this issue is Edith’s awakening. Menton3 has written a piece of work so gut wrenching and overpowering — I’m purposefully avoiding the word “profound” because it feels too cliché — that it sounds trite to call it a ‘comic book’. Not that comic books can’t be deep and insightful, but just like the characters that Menton3 has crafted in “The Memory Collectors”, this comic stands on a higher realm.

WRITTEN BY: Menton3, Jason Mote

ART BY: Menton3, Christopher Mitten


PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE: February 12, 2014

If you’ve read the first two issues of this series, you know that Menton3 combines heady, gallery-worthy art, thought-provoking dialogue, and (rarely seen in comic books) several pages of compelling prose. In the past two issues, the prose has served more as an information-vehicle—a break between narration and dialogue in order to aid the reader in understanding such a weighty plotline. However, in this concluding issue the prose serves as emotional insight, thus making it far more poignant than its predecessors.

Watching Edith experience so many transformations and yet having the strength to realize that she is not part of the changes rather they are a part of her, is nothing short of inspirational. As I mention above, this issue is Edith’s awakening. Pummeled with dense hardships, life-changing mutations, and terrifying new obligations, she manages to take them in stride. She’s witnessed selfless, horrific sacrifices made by her beloved sisters Beatrice and Magdalena, and though it would be simple to just let go and stop fighting, she’s too principled, albeit innocent, to let those sacrifices die in vain.

Menton3 utilizes common scripting format to move the plot along while using prose to drive the reader into a fugue state full of gripping sensations. In particular, the first prose section will reach its hand into your chest cavity, grab hold of your heart and tug like a helpless child in need. The sentimentalities that are touched upon so eloquently are enormously universal. I can’t imagine one single reader who won’t relate to at least one pain, heartache, or crushing responsibility emphasized within the walls of this issue.

What I appreciate most about these female powerhouses is their ability to brush off any tired misconceptions about the fairer sex. Yes, their emotions run deep but their intuition, instinct, rage, control, and logical decision-making balance out any so-called “female” platitudes. Menton3 shreds the tropes of the genre and uses the scraps to rebuild a new type of stylistic storytelling. One with moxie, deep philosophical and theological undertones, metaphysical writing, and long lasting reverberations in the hearts and minds of his audience. And in line with any excellent writing, Menton3 keeps you guessing until the very end. There was not one single moment when I knew (or even thought I knew) what was coming next.

This is a comic about change, acceptance, love, responsibility, and reaching your full potential. But don’t let those poetics completely fool you. It’s got blood and guts, hot-ass fetish models, and all sorts of evil beings. It truly is… the complete package.

4.5/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Bree Ogden


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