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Indie Horror ‘Year Walk’ Hikes Onto Steam Next Month

The creepy, narrative-driven horror game Year Walk, previously an iOS exclusive, is on its way to PC. The announcement came paired with an eerie new trailer, release date, and the promise of new content. Developer Simogo is adding new locations to explore, as well as additional puzzles, a map, in-game encyclopedia, and updated art. Since it’s coming to Steam, this version will also have full achievement support.

The game is based on an ancient Swedish phenomena of “year walking,” a year-long vision quest, of sorts, which people embarked on in hopes of seeing their future.

Year Walk arrives on March 6th for PC (Steam).

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  • Nurse Derpusheen

    Spiffy. sounds bad ass.

  • HorrorBeard

    Very awesome and creepy game. I learned a lot about Swedish mythology as well. I hope the Steam version contains the information in the companion iPhone app. Finished the game and then read through the whole thing and was fascinated.

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