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A Wonderfully Candid Rob Zombie Says He’s Returning To Horror!

Bloody Disgusting reader ‘Travis E.’ just tipped me off to this absolutely fantastic interview with Rob Zombie. While it’s brief, it’s shockingly honest, and reveals quite a bit about the shock rocker-turned-horror director.

Before we get into the meat of the interview, there’s some news on his next project, which will be horror-themed. While he said he was done with the genre, he had an idea that brought him back…

I was working on this thing called Broad Street Bullies, which was a hockey film, but that got put on the backburner because something else popped up,” he told 3 News. “I think it’s something fans of the other stuff will like. Probably fans of The Devil’s Rejects will enjoy the most. It’s not connected to that film but it’s more on that headspace.

What’s truly interesting is Zombie’s shocking confession – that’s he’s kind of burnt out of horror. “Now, I don’t even know if I like it as much as I used to,” he revealed, “as I spend so much time doing it, that if I actually sat down to watch a movie that would probably be the last thing I’d choose to watch!

I can actually sympathize with this as writing about horror 365 days a year for 13 years makes you occasionally want to sit down and watch a comedy, but horror is still always pulsing in my veins, hence Zombie’s return to the genre.

Continuing with his confessions, Zombie also reveals (openly for the first, I believe) that he perceives House of 1,000 Corpses as a failure. “The first film [I directed], which people seems to love, is just a calamitous mess. Well, when it came out it seemed like everyone hated it. Now everyone acts like it’s beloved in some way. All I see is flaw, upon flaw, upon flaw… upon flaw.

Zombie opens up quite a bit more in the interview, which can be read in full by clicking here. THIS is the Rob Zombie I love, and I hope he keeps this honest, fierce and focused face going forward.



  • Voorhees83

    Everyone loves Rob Zombie for his horror style, yet Rob Zombie hates horror. Everyone needs a break from something for a while, but don’t say your done with the genre. Even when he said he was done with the genre from the beginning, I knew he wasn’t done.

    Anyways, I’m glad to see him make another horror movie. I was one of the few that enjoyed “Lords of Salem”.

    • doomas10

      LOS has fantastic direction. The script was a mess but the direction, the jump scares and the incredible cinematography definitely put him officially in the horror map

  • tbaio

    Wow, I never knew he gave up on the genre. If he chooses to do something different, I’d say his next genre should be action. He’s already proved he can stage chases & gun battles. I still believe his best work are his 1st two films. I’m hoping he can match them with another film some day.

  • Baphomitt

    It was clear early on how much he hated HO1KC, from the director’s commentary. All he does is bitch and moan. It’s been awhile, but I’m pretty sure his commentary during one scene was “I don’t remember any of this, I was in my trailer while they were shooting it.” His films have gone down hill ever since, unsurprisingly. I was relieved when he declared retirement from horror. I don’t think his new film will be horror, though. Maybe a 70’s action throwback, judging by the TDR comparison.

  • WineandWatch

    I don’t always like his movies, but I do have a lot of respect for the man. He always seems really candid in his interviews and not too cocky. I would love to meet him so I could pick his brain.

  • thedragon803

    Interesting points he brings up. I definitely liked HO1KC when I saw it, but I think I was giving it way too much leeway because it had one of my favorite singer’s name attached to it. In hindsight, The Devil’s Rejects is everything the first film should have been. It still to this day remains one of my favorite films. HO1KC in comparison comes off as confusing, uneven, and just downright corny.

    As for getting tired of horror, I think any genre fan goes through that. Sometimes its real-world intrusion, like last year of friend of mine passed away and the last thing I wanted to do was watch anything involving death or corpses. Other times I need something a little more upbeat to entertain me, so I’ll watch some PG-13 sci-fi movie or a comedy. Either way, the great thing about media is it comes in so many flavors.

    • djblack1313

      @thedragon803, (you said)…

      “As for getting tired of horror, I think any genre fan goes through that. Sometimes its real-world intrusion, like last year of friend of mine passed away and the last thing I wanted to do was watch anything involving death or corpses. Other times I need something a little more upbeat to entertain me, so I’ll watch some PG-13 sci-fi movie or a comedy. Either way, the great thing about media is it comes in so many flavors.”

      excellent/very cool post! i agree 100% (and i’m sorry about your friend’s passing away).

  • mav07

    well it kind of a bummer that Broadstreet Bullies isn’t happening. I was really looking forward to another gritty hockey movie in the vein of Slapshot. “Goon” was aight but I felt it could have been MUCH better!

  • undertaker78

    I’m glad that I can say I’ve never got sick of the horror genre and that the magic I felt as a child still burns to this day. I get defensive when supposed horror fans bash the genre because I cannot relate to those feelings.

  • Voorhees83

    He needs to treat horror with a little more love and a lot less boredom. After all, that’s who he is. He needs to show it in his music too. No more of this bubblegum crap.

  • joesey

    great i wonder what Sheri-moon-starring crapfest he’ll come out with next.

    • Chrissie-Watkins

      Thank you!

  • chambertlo

    He needs to do several things;

    1. Only direct someone else’s work. DO NOT WRITE THE SCRIPT.
    2. Get rid of Sheri Moon. Sh is untalented. Let it go.
    3. Know when to edit and when to omit. It works wonders.

    His movies have not been good, with only Halloween getting a pass due to its lineage. He needs to either rewatch the classics or stay retired. No one will miss his movies, I guarantee it.

  • Kr1z

    I loved House of 1000 Corpses.
    I liked Devils rejects.
    I kinda liked Halloween.
    I did not really like Halloween II.
    I really did not like Lords of Salem.

  • doomas10

    I love ROb zombie. I thought The house was ok with interesting premise and unique colour palette but I felt it was caricature of villains and plot. DEvils rejects was just awesome. He evolved as a filmmaker and people take that from him. He has shown such a premise and despite his controversial flaws – Sherry, extreme violence, stylish direction – he stages his jump scares expertly, his camerawork is incredible and keeps having brilliant cinematography that most films these days fail. And do we mention he does not settle with PG-13 or studio bullshit? The man does what he wants no matter how flawed it is for some but for me that shows balls. And to do a film like LOrds of Salem showed some serious skills (mostly directing).

  • doomas10

    And I keep posting these: The death scene of Annie in Halloween 2 (heartbreaking and unique), Freebird sequence in the Devil’s rejects, Michael Myers killing Laurie’s (step) parents, the intro of H2 in the hospital are scenes so tense that put into shame most of the horror films of today. Period

  • Patrick

    I was actually really looking forward to BSB too… Oh well.

  • EvilHead1981

    Odd that Rob hated House of 1000 Corpses. That’s probably the only movie of his I liked.

  • I’m a Rob Zombie fan, but sometimes, I feel like he’s someone, who’s in need of a leash.

    I understand taking chances, trying to be creative, unique, and all that stuff, but Zombie goes WAY overboard too much. Something that starts out with an intriguing premise or story (The Devil’s Rejects) eventually devolves into an incoherent mess of gruesome violence and depravity. Not complaining about nasty stuff, because I’m a proud gore fiend, but Zombie’s movies start out with SO much promise, but the end result is a big disappointment more often than not.

    Still, I’m probably one of the rare people, who’ll defend the 2007 Halloween remake, because it’s one of my all-time favorite remakes. As far as Sheri goes, yeah, she needs to have reduced roles in his films.

    If Zombie is so hell bent on casting his wife in all of his movies, then she needs to take a backseat in the script. I don’t think she’s as horrible as everyone makes her out to be, but she’s not lead actress material (i.e. The Lords Of Salem). As a bit player, or someone with a supporting role, she’s okay, but Sheri is not capable of carrying a film, or taking control with more focus on her character.

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