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‘State Of Decay: Lifeline’ Explores The Zombie Apocalypse From The Military’s Perspective

The second expansion for the fantastic zombie survival game State of Decay is on the way, and with it, developer Undead Labs aims to explore the zombie apocalypse from the military’s perspective. More often than not, in a zombie outbreak scenario, the military is shown as the bad guys. Either they’re behind it, trying their best to cover it up, or they’re doing a shitty job containing the situation.

In the game’s next expansion, Lifeline, we’ll be given the chance to see events unfold from their view.

In it, we’ll be placed in the combat boots of Greyhound One, a team of soldiers who have been tasked with rescuing scientists who are needed to fight the outbreak.

The expansion will take place in a new city, called Danforth, where the landing zone — a military outpost you’ll need to defend — is located. Base defense and fortification from the main game will become even more necessary here, as you’ll need to protect the civilians you save just long enough to get them out safely.

Thankfully, it sounds like there will be significantly more tools at our disposal to make that job easier.

According to a post on Undead Labs’ blog, “You have minefields and defenses to build and upgrade. Off-map artillery to call in. Well-trained soldiers who will guard weak points and respond to zombie threats. A stock of military-grade weaponry to use from several commanding positions. But in the end, when the zeds get into the heart of your base, it’s down to fighting tooth versus blade.”

I can’t wait for this. If you missed the first expansion, Breakdown, you can check out its reveal trailer below.

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