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It’s Mickey Rourke as Marv in ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’!

Marv is back and ready to kill for her…

Co-director Robert Rodriguez shared the first lobby card for TWC-Dimension’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, targeted for theaters on August 22, 2014. The image depicts the great Mickey Rourke as Marv in all of his glory.

Frank Miller also directs with Mickey Rourke, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Juno Temple, Jaime King, Rosario Dawson, Michael Madsen, Jessica Alba, Jamie Chung, Dennis Haysbert, Crystal McCahill, Christopher Meloni, Josh Brolin, Jeremy Piven, Ray Liotta, Julia Garner, Eva Green and Stacy Keach all starring.

The film is about Dwight McCarthy planing to have his vengeance against the woman who betrayed him, Ava Lord, while Nancy is trying to cope with Hartigan’s death.



  • Evan3

    Wow! I was so excited for this… 7 years ago (roughly). I remember how much I loved (and still enjoy) Sin City. Rodriguez then burned past the considerable good will he had built up with me via Spy Kids, Machete, producing Preadtors and being a general lazy a-hole. The best thing he has done in years is a Nike commercial with Kobe Bryant – sad.

  • STRIK9

    Hell yeah! Marv was the best part of that first film, too bad he didnt have more screen time.This cast sounds incredible too.Sucks that it took FOREVER to make this film, but fuck it.

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