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Sleepaway Camp’s Jonathan Tiersten Releases Music Video

Remember Ricky from Sleepaway Camp? Well, the actor who portrayed him, Jonathan Tiersten, is all grown up and has just released a music video for his track “The Princess”, which was Directed by Mel Haynes, Jr. The song comes from Tiersten’s upcoming album Family.

Haynes Jr on working with Jonathan Tiersten and directing “The Princess”: “We met at JTs house and sat in his kitchen for a while and just talked about a bunch of random things while I played with his dogs. It was a great moment for me because I got to know him better and what a cool guy he was. He was no longer the actor from Sleepaway Camp and other movies and was now someone I felt a friendship with. That completed the image I needed to get the theme of the video. I finally knew the man behind the music, which is what I needed to capture the essence of the video.

Tiersten explains, “When I hear music that moves me I see different colors and images in my mind. Videos seemed to be a dumbing down of the listening experience. I think some good bands may have actually suffered because of the nature of their videos. It made them seem dumb and shallow despite their music being anything but (see Men at Work). So for twenty years I avoided, obfuscated, deterred and detracted. The question became, how do I make a video that doesn’t do all of the things I have heretofore mentioned that I hate about videos?

I instilled the help of my friend Groovey from Groovey.TV. He got me in touch with filmmaker Mel Haynes Jr. We had a week to get it done and I told him all of my concerns. I told him I hated any kind of lip-syncing. We came to a compromise. The video would be representational only in a way that a song is representational. It inspires you to think and come to your own conclusions. In my first foray into this medium (outside of acting) I must say I couldn’t be more pleased. Enjoy!



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