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Cannibal Ferox Vinyl Now Available For Pre-Order: Cover Artwork For Variant Illegal To Show

One Way Static has announced that pre-orders are now open for their vinyl reissue of the 1981 controversial Italian horror film Cannibal Ferox (aka Make Them Die Slowly), which was composed by Roberto Donati (who was credited as Budy Maglione).

OWS comments, “We are really proud of this release, since it’s considered one of the holy grails in Italian horror cinema. Once again we spared no efforts nor costs to make this release one you can expect OWS to deliver.

There will be two variant copies, one a Jungle Camouflage Green and the other a Clear/Transparent Green, both limited to 500 copies worldwide (they will be sequentially foil numbered).

US/Canadian pre-orders can be done through Light In The Attic while European/UK orders can be done directly through One Way Static. Head below for information on how the uncensored artwork is apparently illegal to show!

Direct from the OWS press release regarding the uncensored album artwork:
After receiving several threats we decided not to post or share the artworks for the limited unrated edition online or through our press channels. We also received phone calls from Tipper Gore’s people and the BBFC to let us know they will do everything in their power to have the record banned. Four North American printers refused to print the sleeve after protests from their employees, stating ‘never before have we seen such acts of savage brutality’. After a long search we found a plant in chuang-zin, a rural province in China who agreed to print it. When it landed on the desk of Joseph H. Wryght (Light In The Attic’s Senior President) he demanded all LITA logo’s were to be removed immediately. Please take note that neither OWS or LITA can be held responsible for the traumatizing shocks the artwork can cause. If you can’t handle it : please purchase the regular vinyl version that has ‘cleaner’ graphics. We don’t know how long we will be able to keep this version in stock before it get seized by authorities. Beware and be warned.

NOTE: The below covers do not include the aforementioned Uncensored artwork. We’re being kept in the dark just as much as you are!



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